Connected Mobility

Real-time data exchange between infrastructure and vehicles

Municipal requirements vary as widely as the cities themselves. This is why Siemens has developed a uniquely wide range of solutions for urban applications: Connected Mobility Solutions. From satellite-based prioritization systems for mass-transit and rescue vehicles, coordinated green phases for cyclists, intelligent road traffic digitalization to electric buses and a smart flow control system for trucks – we offer the optimum solutions for any demand. 

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CONNECTED MOBILITY – on the way to autonomous driving in urban areas

We support cities to manage their complete mobility ecosystem.

The overarching Mobility operating system connects and manages the infrastructure, fleets and all participants in the mobility network. Mobility solutions like self-driving vehicles, e-bikes, autonomous buses and more are part of the public transport, providing the most efficient journey for the first and last mile, for every single traveler helping reduce emission and make your journey even safer.

Follow us on the digital path of mobility.

ITS-G5 is ready to roll

And what is ITS-G5? ITS G5 is a broadcast technology, capable of delivering secure ad-hoc direct vehicle-to-vehicle and/or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems) are the technologies associated with the concept of sharing information and working together. Siemens and other leading road traffic companies support the swift deployment of the right framework conditions for improving road safety and traffic efficiency.

Why 802.11p beats LTE and 5G for V2x

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Connected Mobility Solutions

Follow us on the digital path of Mobility

These four trends will have a lasting impact on our mobility behaviour: Car-Sharing, the conncetion of infrastructure with vehicles, e-vehicles and autonomous driving, is already indispensable today. Let us take you on a journey along the digital path of mobility!

A cycling app for smart phones with gamification

Cycling4Trees (C4T)

Cycling4Trees provides routing functions for cyclists combined with gamification and a competition between participants and teams.

Many cities discovered cycling as an indispensable, effective and sustainable element of their mobility landscape. Cycling4Trees is a mobile phone app aiming to strengthen the usage of bicycles in cities by providing routing functions for cyclists, in combination with gamification and a competition between participants and teams.

The user needs to register, select a user name and join a team. When cycling with the activated app, he will earn points for each kilometer. These points can be converted into virtual trees. Also, he takes part in a competition. The high score can be accessed at any time via app and web page. Finally, the winners will earn real incentives, e. g. city trees, which bind CO2 and improve city climate.

Besides modal shift, the app collects anonymous data about frequented cycling routes and origin-destination-relations. This valuable information helps cities to get a better understanding about traffic demand and can serve as a basis for an improved planning of cycling infrastructure. A dedicated system owner dashboard will provide access to the data, to statistics and visualization of trips for interested cities. Of course, all data is protected.

Cycling4Trees - Benefits and highlights

  • Gamification and competition support modal shift to cycling, thus help to reduce air pollution and CO2 emissions in cities
  • Collected tracking data will help cities to optimize the planning process of cycling infrastructure 
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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.

Connected Mobility Solutions

Connected Mobility Solutions offer various options for optimized traffic management in your municipality, for instance the satellite-based Sitraffic STREAM prioritization system. 
Priority for mass transit!

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Comprehensive range of solutions for your traffic management needs

Municipal requirements vary as widely as the cities and towns themselves. This is why Siemens has developed a uniquely wide range of solutions for urban applications: Connected Mobility Solutions – for even more efficient, sustainable and safer traffic management in your municipality.

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