Sitraffic SiBike

‘Green wave’ for cyclists

Making cycling more attractive is an excellent strategy for counteracting rising traffic volumes and emission problems in cities and on municipal roads. That’s why Siemens is developing Sitraffic SiBike: the ‘green wave’ for cyclists. With the help of a smartphone application, cyclists are given priority at traffic lights. SiBike is a cost-effective solution for cities and communities striving to offer their citizens a better quality of life and enhancing their image as ‘green cities’.

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Sitraffic SiBike

A smartphone app provides for green traffic lights

Coordinated green phases – a ‘green wave’ – is what drivers have come to expect: To date, ‘green waves’ used to be aligned exclusively with the speeds of motor traffic. Now Sitraffic SiBike makes it possible to extend the advantages of ‘green waves’ to cyclists as well – on cycling highways, fast cycling lanes, roads or cycling paths.

Sitraffic SiBike – how does the ‘green wave’ for cyclist work?

  • The cyclist carries a smartphone with the SiBike app installed
  • The smartphone uses GPS to determine the cyclist’s location, speed and direction of travel
  • The GPS data are used to continuously check whether the cyclist is passing a virtual trigger point
  • When this happens, the app reports the activation of the trigger point to the traffic control center
  • The control center sends the corresponding command to the traffic light controller
  • When the cyclist approaches, the traffic light automatically turns to green or the ongoing green phase is extended

Sitraffic SiBike. A cost-efficient system

Key advantage of Sitraffic SiBike: The prioritization system is amazingly cost-efficient. It is easy to implement and requires no construction work, but merely adaptations in the programming of the traffic light system.

Highlights of implementation

  • The system is integrated in the existing traffic control system
  • No hardware changes required
  • Use of the same controllers
  • Easy-to-install smart application

Sitraffic SiBike. Benefits and highlights

  • Personalized solution at low costs
  • Reduces negative factors such as parking-related traffic, traffic noise and pollutant emissions
  • Lowers the overall accident potential because bicycles pose lower hazard risks
  • Reduces air pollution and CO₂ emissions
  • Makes fast cycling lanes and cycling highways even more attractive
  • Frees up traffic space since cyclists need less space than cars while travelling or parking
  • Boosts your municipality’s image as a sustainable ‘green city’
  • Contributes to lasting improvements in the quality of life across entire conurbations

Sitraffic SiBike

The first pilot projects have been started, for instance a performance analysis of SiBike in Marburg, carried out by the transport engineering department of Munich Technical University.

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Making cycling even more attractive

You wish to reduce parking-related traffic, traffic noise and pollutant emissions? SiBike is the answer – as it will add to the attractiveness of cycling in your city or town. Ask our experts to design a SiBike solution custom-tailored to your requirements.

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