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Vehicle2X Kommunikation

The intelligent digitization of roads

Connect vehicles to the infrastructure and manage traffic more precisely and efficiently than ever before - significantly reducing traffic jams, accidents and emissions.

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ITS-G5 is ready to roll

And what is ITS-G5? ITS G5 is a broadcast technology, capable of delivering secure ad-hoc direct vehicle-to-vehicle and/or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication. C-ITS (Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems) are the technologies associated with the concept of sharing information and working together. Siemens and other leading road traffic companies support the swift deployment of the right framework conditions for improving road safety and traffic efficiency.

Why 802.11p beats LTE and 5G for V2X

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Connected traffic systems

Future traffic is connected

Digitalization of roads is an essential component of future mobility: Intelligent communication technologies connect vehicles of all kinds with the infrastructure. They help cities and municipalities to improve the quality of life and form the basis for sustainable growth.

And this is how roads become part of the "Internet of things"

Vehicle2X makes it possible: The Cooperative Management System (CMS) links vehicles with the infrastructure and traffic management centers. The principle is simple: A Road-Side Unit (RSU) communicates with both the traffic management center and the vehicles.

This is how Vehicle2X works:

  • The RSU sends time-critical information (e.g. the current signal status) directly to the vehicles
  • Static and non-time-critical information (e.g. sign information) can be communicated to the vehicles either by the RSU or the CMS
  • Vehicles continuously report their current position, speed and direction of travel via their Vehicle2X Onboard Units.
  • The RSU collects this information
  • The CMS uses this information to manage traffic more efficiently and in real time
Sitraffic Vehicle2X

Connect roads, infrastructure and vehicles in real-time

Vehicle2X by Siemens Mobility connects infrastructure systems and vehicles. It can be integrated into existing traffic management centers such as Sitraffic Scala and Concert as well as used as a stand-alone solution. So you can pave the way for the digitalization of the road.

With Sitraffic Vehicle2x, connected traffic systems become reality.

Sitraffic Vehicle2X technology helps cities and municipalities to connect the road to the "Internet of Things". This enables cities and municipalities to implement innovative solutions for traffic management - and prepare for autonomous driving today. Sitraffic Vehicle2X links vehicles and infrastructure with safe technology and thus helps:

  • Increase traffic safety and reduce the accident rate
  • Optimize traffic flow and reduce traffic jams and congestion
  • Reduce the travel time
  • Reduce vehicle emissions

Launch an innovative solution on the road with Vehicle2X.

Sitraffic Vehicle2X offers cities and municipalities a multi-functional and future-proof solution with high investment protection. Sitraffic Vehixle2X integrates all internationally required V2X communication standards and is also fully compatible with all Vehicle2X solutions in hardware and software. Thanks to open interfaces, Sitraffic Vexicle2X can communicate with numerous controllers via standard connections and can also be extended later with additional communication modules, e.g. for web-based controllers. Of course Sitraffic Vehicle2X offers you a high level of IT security thanks to the Siemens Mobility Cyber-Security process and a defined security concept for maintenance and service.

Sitraffic Vehicle2X – the components

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Sitraffic Map2x

With the Map2x tool, you can provide drivers conveniently with messages about intersections, for example, to suggest the optimal speed for a green wave.


  • Generate messages with information about the topology of lanes and signal groups of an intersection.
  • Send the MAP and SpaT message to vehicles via the Roadside Unit
  • OpenStreetMap and Google Maps integration
  • Import of traffic data from Sitraffic Office via the optional "Sitraffic Tools Map Export" tool
Vehicle2X in operation

The digitalization of roads starts now

Cooperative systems are already a reality. In these (research) projects, Sitraffic Vehicle2X is already helping to prevent accidents, keep traffic moving and improve fuel efficiency.

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Bring digitalized roads to your city

The traffic of the future is connected - and this future starts now. How to make the best use of Vehicle2X? We will develop your individual Vehicle2X solution together with you.

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