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Smart control solutions for your traffic management tasks

The more complex the traffic situations at urban intersections, the greater the need for more intelligent control solutions. The innovative Sitraffic sX and Sitraffic C920ES traffic controllers help minimize equipment downtime and make intersections safer.

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Smart control solutions

Sitraffic sX and Sitraffic C920ES traffic controllers

Powerful hardware, innovative software: Sitraffic sX and Sitraffic C920ES traffic controllers are so flexible and adaptable that they can grow in step with your municipality’s transport infrastructure, making them a secure investment in a sustainable future.

Sitraffic sX traffic controller

Sitraffic sX is part of the Sitraffic family of web-based scalable controllers, allowing the implementation of efficient traffic control even in small towns. Sitraffic sX covers a wide range of applications: It can be operated as a stand-alone solution without connection to a higher-level traffic control system, or integrated seamlessly in the extensive traffic management system of a large city. This flexibility allows the controller to adapt to the future growth of your traffic infrastructure. With all its sophistication, Sitraffic sX is easy and intuitive to operate, for instance per tablet PC.

No software or additional tools to install. Just open your browser and start using Sitraffic sX. The web-based urban traffic control center Sitraffic smartGuard, too, can be accessed via any HTML5-capable browser installed on a PC, tablet or smart phone.

Sitraffic sX is the world’s first traffic controller to be equipped with a backup processor. If necessary, the backup processor can immediately take over control from the main CPU. This ensures that traffic signal operation will not be interrupted in case of hardware or software failure – a major advantage!

Sitraffic smartCore makes configuring a Sitraffic sX controller child’s play! The software assistant guides the user through the entire configuration process, resulting in a zero-error configuration, including signal monitoring.

On the basis of the detector definition the configuration can be automatically predefined, adjusted via the signal programs and then be completed in a matter of seconds. Phase-based control is the preferred control method.

More than 64 signal groups and up to 250 detectors can be controlled by the Sitraffic sX controller, which scores with unique ease of installation, minimal wiring efforts and a modular design for flexible expansion as well as serial communication between subassemblies and compliance with the SIL3 safety standard.

Sitraffic sX. Benefits and highlights:

  • New technology for enhanced availability and safety
  • First controller that can be updated or upgraded with new functions during ongoing operation
  • Smart software makes controller configuration easy and intuitive
  • Access and operation via internet browser, tablet or smartphone
  • Part of a web-based all-in-one solution from Siemens – for maximum flexibility
The new Sitraffic sX traffic controller

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The new Sitraffic C920ES traffic controller

In highly complex applications, the new Sitraffic C920ES controller ensures especially reliable operation of your traffic signals – with maximum safety and energy efficiency. The SIL-3 certificate acc. to EN 61508 and the certification of the signal monitoring software acc. to DIN V VDE V 0832-500 attests to the system’s excellent performance. Whatever tomorrow may bring, Siemens has just the right answer in the form of its C family of controllers.

The heart of Sitraffic C920ES/940ES is the ITS Engine CPU equipped with a BBX control module. The MPC8270/266 MHz Power PC uses the LINUX operating system. The flexible operating system and a large range of external interfaces add up to an ideal system basis.

Sitraffic Traffic Office is the heart of this unique integrated software system for solving the various tasks and complexities of traffic control. 

Operators can define their own modules, store them under a freely selectable name in the user library and combine them flexibly with existing PDM modules. In this way, each completed project adds valuable modules to the library, saving a lot of programming time in later projects.

S-L is the answer of Sitraffic Traffic Language to the demand for simplification through standardization since it already combines the different modules. All the user has to do is adapt the pre-defined logical sequences to the specific requirements of each intersection – with simple parameterization.

The adaptive network control system Sitraffic Motion keeps gaining in importance. The MXe component makes frame plan calculation truly simple: It ensures perfect coordination between the central control method implemented on the traffic computer and the local control methods applied by the controllers of the Sitraffic C900 family.

Sitraffic Service provides tools for operation, testing and fault diagnostics that cover all function levels from fully graphic visualization up to the provision of detailed expert data.

Sitraffic C920ES. Benefits and highlights:

  • Many different control methods used across Europe are integrated
  • High flexibility in defining control sequences thanks to Sitraffic PDMe and Traffic Language
  • Compatibility with a wide range of traffic computers and connection protocols
  • Advanced functionality and very robust design resulting from many years of continuous evolution
Sitraffic C920ES traffic controller

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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.

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Smart control solutions for your traffic management tasks

The innovative Sitraffic sX and Sitraffic C920ES traffic controllers help minimize equipment downtime and make intersections safer – a secure investment in the future of your traffic management system.

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