Heimdall, Traffic Eye Universal 5, MLR

Overhead sensors for your traffic management tasks

Their compact design helps minimize street clutter: Siemens overhead detectors score with high detection rates and made-to-measure functionality for any requirement. With your choice of the Heimdall detector family, the autonomous Traffic Eye Universal 5 detection system or the MLR radar-detector, you are certain to find the right overhead detectors for all your traffic management tasks.

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Made-to-measure traffic detectors

Comprehensive product range: Heimdall, Traffic Eye Universal 5, MLR

Fast detection using state-of-the-art radar technology, an autonomous detection system with a fine eye for the traffic situation or the smart detection solution for targeted intersection control: With the versatile Heimdall detectors, Traffic Eye Universal 5 and the MLR multi-lane radar detector, Siemens offers the made-to-measure solution also for your traffic detection needs.
Sitraffic Heimdall

Fast detection based on advanced radar technology

In Sitraffic Heimdall, Siemens has developed an overhead detection technology for modern traffic and pedestrian control. At the heart of every detector unit: a planar radar antenna system and a digital signal processing engine. Tailor-made for specific use cases, the different Heimdall products all score with easy installation and especially cost-efficient operation.

  • Stopline detector – for vehicle detection at stop lines
  • Remote detector – for vehicle detection within a 30 m radius
  • Traffic data detector – for recording traffic data
  • Pedestrian on-crossing detector – for optimized green phases for pedestrians
  • Curbside detector – for detecting pedestrians on the sidewalk
  • Designed specifically for stopline detection and vehicle counting applications
  • Efficient detection and monitoring of vehicles at signalized intersections
  • Detection of stationary vehicles
  • Via configuration switches, vehicle presence time can be set in fixed increments of five to thirty minutes
  • Efficient detection of vehicles at signalized intersections
  • Vehicle detection on a single lane
  • Narrow detection angle for lane-selective detection within a 30 m radius
  • Reliable discrimination between approaching and receding traffic to prevent possible wake effects
  • Detection of vehicle presence and vehicle data
  • Traffic counting and vehicle speed data
  • Data on vehicle length and class
  • Data transmission via serial interface to an outstation or controller
  • Reliable detection of pedestrians on crossings
  • Short pre-set green phases can be extended as needed for pedestrians to complete crossing
  • Improved signaling quality
  • Reliable detection of pedestrians waiting on the sidewalk at intersections
  • Two integrated antennas for excellent detection performance
  • No complicated and expensive configuration software needed

Sitraffic Heimdall. Feature highlights:      

  • High detection rate, seamless integration
  • Easy configuration – without expensive and failure-prone configuration tools running on PC or PDA
  • Interface to mobile devices requires no special software
  • Excellent performance around the clock and in all ambient conditions – immune to the effects of incident light, dark shadows, fog or rain
  • Extended lifetime, low maintenance
  • Easy replacement of legacy systems
  • Advanced 24 GHz radar technology
Radar detectors of the Heimdall family

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Traffic Eye Universal 5

The stand-alone detection system with a fine eye for the traffic situation

Low investment and maintenance costs, enhanced detection precision: Out latest Traffic Eye Universal generation TEU 5 adds even more advantages to an already impressive list and eases the transition to the detection technology of the future.

TEU 5 needs no cabling, neither for data exchange nor for power supply. It uses GPRS via the mobile radio network as a cost-effective data transmission solution and receives its power from a small solar panel, keeping operation costs low.

TEU 5 provides traffic planners with a new freedom of choice: Now the installation location can be selected based on purely traffic-related reasons, and the TEU systems can be placed wherever they best serve the respective detection needs.

TEU 5 systems use infrared overhead sensors for detection, and mobile radio for transmitting the results to the Sitraffic Concert traffic center. The short cycles of only a few minutes ensure that the available traffic information is always up to date and of high quality.

The high accuracy of the data provided by TEU 5 systems allows fast and reliable calculation of the prevailing traffic situation. Changing traffic conditions can be detected quickly and displayed in the system since, given the high level of data accuracy, only a limited number of data points are required for reliable LOS assessment.

A single TEU 5 can monitor traffic on up to ten lanes in one or two directions. If needed, the detectors distinguish between passenger cars, small and large trucks so that they can provide exact data on the current volume of HGV traffic with its especially high carbon emissions. Such comprehensive information is an essential precondition for effective environment-sensitive traffic management.

Traffic Eye Universal 5. Feature highlights:

  • Enhanced data accuracy for more precise LOS calculations
  • Classification acc. to higher number of vehicles classes allows environment-sensitive traffic management
  • Recording of data on individual vehicles enables in-depth traffic analyses
  • Encrypted data transmission enhances data security and protects against unauthorized access
  • Improved protection against communication breakdowns maximizes system availability
  • Semi-automated registration of new TEU 5 at the Sitraffic Concert center speeds up commissioning
Traffic Eye Universal 5

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MLR multi-lane radar detector

Shorter waiting times at signalized intersections

The new MLR multi-lane radar detector takes traffic-actuated intersection control to a new level of quality. The particularly compact MLR detector provides a whole range of useful data for high-quality traffic-actuated intersection control. Compared to conventional detector systems, the MLR’s additional benefits ensure even more effective traffic control.

Trucks are often the reason for backlogs forming at intersections. As the MLR is able to distinguish reliably between various vehicle classes, green phases can be extended to give trucks or other predefined vehicle classes enough time to cross. This will harmonize and accelerate the traffic flows at the intersection.

The MLR’s extended detection range allows the system to recognize also “stragglers” or widely spaced rows of vehicles and adapt the signal switching times accordingly. Hence more vehicles can pass during each green phase.

The MLR detector does not only have an extensive detection range of 120 m, but is also able to scan up to 16 virtual loops. This ensures that the detector really covers the entire situation even on multi-lane streets.

Reliable identification and classification of vehicles and precise calculation of their current speeds allows the system to adapt the green phases exactly to the prevailing traffic situation. This function can also be used to extend the switching times by a certain safety margin.

When configuring the MLR detectors, filters can be set for vehicle classes, speed or direction of travel in order to eliminate superfluous detection events. This allows the traffic engineer to define exactly the data base needed and make sure that the system will not be slowed down by excess data volumes.

No matter if during the day or at night, in dense fog or glaring sunlight – its radar technology makes the MLR detector immune to adverse lighting and weather conditions and keeps it working reliably at all times.

MLR multi-lane radar detector

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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.
Reference projects

Heimdall, Traffic Eye Universal 5, MLR

Siemens overhead sensors have already been in use as a valuable traffic control tool for years. TEU alone has an installed base of 3,500 units, making it a widely used and extensively proven technology.

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Overhead sensors for your traffic management tasks

Their compact design helps minimize street clutter: Siemens overhead detectors score with high detection rates and made-to-measure functionality for any requirement.

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