Sivicam, Phoenix, Sicore, FLIR Thermicam, FLIR TrafiOne

Video detection for your traffic management

Made-to-measure traffic detectors for your traffic management tasks: Sivicam and Phoenix are designed for presence detection at intersections; the Sicore camera system can be used for travel time measurements and access control, while FLIR ThermiCam and FLIR TrafiOne are thermographic detectors. As part of the complete Sitraffic family, all detectors can be smoothly integrated with other Sitraffic products. 

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Made-to-measure video detection

Sivicam, Phoenix, Sicore, FLIR Thermicam, FLIR TrafiOne

Sivicam and Phoenix video detectors are the ideal solution when it comes to cost-effective presence detection at intersections. High-quality image processing and advanced sensor technology guarantee superior detection rates around the clock and under all ambient conditions. The Sicore camera system can read the number plates of vehicles driving at up to 250 km/h, for instance in the scope of travel time measurement and access control applications. The thermographic detectors are able to reliably detect also cyclist and pedestrians by measuring the differences in surface temperature of the detection objects.
Sitraffic Sivicam

Reliable video detection at intersections

Sivicam is an integrated system consisting of a CMOS camera and an image-processing unit – a combination that enables high-precision vehicle detection. The system can be installed without compromising pavement integrity at the intersection since it operates with “virtual” loops instead of physical ones. Mounted simply onto existing infrastructure components, Sivicam reliably detects all vehicles approaching the intersection or waiting there.

Sivicam: High-precision video detection at its best

  • Sivicam operates on the basis of an optical grid of detection zones overlaying the video image.
  • Each Sivicam monitors up to 4 such zones, which can be assigned a specific traffic direction.
  • Only those vehicles are recorded that move in the direction defined for the zone in question.
  • The system reliably detects vehicles on up to 8 lanes.
  • Often a single Sivicam is sufficient to monitor the entire approach area to an intersection.
  • The wide-angle version has been designed to detect vehicles in the stop bar zone.
Sivicam. Feature highlights
  • Quick installation and easy configuration and operation
  • Reliable detection around the clock and in any weather
  • Economical solution compared to many other detector systems
  • Tele-camera for the detection of vehicles at distances of 50 m and more
Sivicam – reliable video detection at intersections

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Phoenix 2+ video detector systems

Compact, cost-effective, easy to install

Phoenix 2+ is a dual-camera system for presence detection. It uses processor modules that are designed to European 19” standard and feature 16 switching outputs. Phoenix 2+ is an excellent solution for intersection surveillance and for collecting the data needed for traffic-actuated signal switching.

Phoenix 2+: Key product features

  • Vehicle presence detection using a dual-camera architecture
  • TCP/IP or USB interface, video live-streaming and remote configuration
  • Connection to any traffic controller
  • Non-volatile data memory
  • Self-test after power-on
  • LED indicators for power, video signals, communications and switching outputs
  • Low overall power consumption

Phoenix 2+. Feature highlights

  • Outstanding cost-performance ratio
  • Ease of installation, configuration and maintenance
  • Rack-mounting of processor module in any controller
  • Terminals for convenient connection of power, communications, detector and video inputs/outputs
  • High level of accuracy and reliability as well as especially low power consumption
Phoenix 2+ video detector systems

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Sicore ANPR camera system

Sicore: Setting new standards in automated number plate recognition

Sicore is a fully integrated camera system that automatically scans the stream of incoming images for any vehicle and its number plate. This ensures reliable and accurate vehicle identification. Besides an exceptionally wide range of applications, Sicore offers many more advantages, including adaptability of to each country’s national data privacy and security regulations. Typical applications of Sicore:

  • Tolling systems
  • Travel time measurement
  • Parking and access control systems
  • Security applications
  • Section speed control
  • Recording of specific vehicle data

The exact knowledge of when and where a certain vehicle was traveling makes it possible to precisely calculate road usage fees ‑ without the need for onboard units. Sicore will collect all required data.

The provision of data about current travel times is an important tool for effective traffic guidance and road user information. Sicore will carry out such measurements at any desired interval, providing truly accurate and up-to-date traffic data.

Storing the car’s number plate together with the parking ticket code will effectively prevent car theft from car parks because the exit barrier will open only if the parking ticket presented matches the number plate. Sicore will reliably record every single vehicle.

In many areas it is a question of security to identify all vehicles entering certain premises – and to monitor closely at what time they leave again. Sicore is the tool of choice for such applications.

Measuring the average speed of a vehicle for an entire road section often proves especially effective in making drivers comply with speed limits. This advanced method of speed control requires automated reading and matching of the vehicles’ number plates at measurement points along the section. Sicore will take over these tasks – reliably.

For traffic control applications it is usually of considerable value to record additional vehicle data besides the number plate.  A simple software upgrade allows Sicore to correctly identify vehicle class (passenger car/truck) and accurately measure instantaneous speed.

If the system knows exactly which type of hazardous goods is being transported by a truck, targeted safety applications can be implemented and the right intervention measures triggered in case of an emergency. Sicore will reliably collect and provide the required data.

Sicore ANPR camera system

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Video detection for your traffic management

Sivicam and Phoenix are designed for presence detection at intersections; the Sicore camera system can be used for travel time measurements and access control. As part of the complete Sitraffic family, all detectors can be smoothly integrated with other Sitraffic products.

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