Tunnel and Freeway Management

Trucks come out of a secure tunnel managed by Sitraffic Varia, the tunnel and highway management system from Siemens Mobility.

Flexible management of tunnels and freeways increases road safety

Modern traffic management systems ensure more harmony on the roads. This reduces congestion, accidents, travel time and emissions, while at the same time significantly increasing the capacity of roads and tunnels.

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Sitraffic Varia

More safety with modular tunnel and freeway management

Our modern traffic management system contributes to greater safety in tunnels and on freeways with situation-specific warnings and speed limits - and protects people, structures and the environment.

Sitraffic Varia supports efficient and demand-based traffic management

Sitraffic Varia can be used for interurban and urban freeways and highways as well as for tunnels and enables comprehensive tunnel and highway management.

Sitraffic Varia

  • Monitors and controls lighting, ventilation, power supply, fire detection and pumps in the tunnel
  • controls variable direction signs and traffic signs as well as permanent light signs and barriers
  • delivers data to the traffic information services
  • can integrate toll systems, video systems, emergency call systems and systems for environmental and traffic data collection
  • works easily and smoothly with traffic centers and outstations of various kinds

Sitraffic Varia combines a solid technology base with expert knowledge and project experience

Sitraffic Varia incorporates all the expertise of our traffic experts - starting with design and development, through testing and commissioning, to the integration into your traffic management concept. Sitraffic Varia is structured in a way that for standard control system functions a middleware is used which already provides many basic functions (e.g. hot standby, user interface, multilingualism, user administration, archiving, reports, etc.). As a result, Sitraffic Varia helps to make space for the development and implementation of project-specific functions (e.g. ventilation, lighting, traffic control, etc.) - for traffic management that is perfectly tailored to your requirements.

Tunnel projects go digital: Building Information Management and Digital Twin 

Siemens Mobility uses state-of-the-art methods in tunnel projects. With the help of a Building Information Management (BIM) model, a virtual tunnel including all components is first created together with the project partners involved. Only when this model meets all requirements and specifications is the real tunnel implemented. The model can then be developed into a digital twin of the tunnel and used throughout the entire life cycle of the tunnel. Your advantages: 

  • Higher project quality
  • Faster implementation
  • Reduced project costs 
  • Optimized operation
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Tunnel and Freeway Management

No matter if individual components or complete turnkey solutions, Siemens Mobility offers highly flexible solutions that can be perfectly adapted to your requirements.


Flexible tunnel and freeway solutions from Siemens Mobility

You want to harmonize traffic, avoid congestion and accidents, reduce travel times and, last but not least, reduce emissions from traffic? Together with you, we develop the right solution for your tunnel and freeway management.

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