Tunnel and Freeway Management

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Flexible tunnel and freeway solutions by Siemens Mobility - experts for safe road networks

Experience shows that modern traffic guidance systems with situation-specific warnings and speed limits sustainably reduce congestion and accidents. The harmonization of traffic will reduce travel time as well as emissions which are particularly high in stop-and-go traffic. As a result, the road capacity increases significantly. Siemens Mobility has more comprehensive expertise than any other company in making tunnels and freeways safer. No matter whether motorway section, tunnel or integration of both in a large-scale road network: Solutions from Siemens Mobility are highly flexible and can be adapted to your needs. 

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Tunnel and Freeway Management

Freeway and Tunnel Guidance System

Sitraffic Varia - universally applicable and individually adaptable

Intelligent connections of subsystems

Sitraffic Varia is individually applicable. The system controls variable direction signs and variable traffic signs as well as permanent light signs and barriers. The tunnel area in particular requires special attention in terms of safety. Sitraffic Varia monitors and controls lighting, ventilation, power supply, fire detection and pumps in tunnels. Moreover, the system supplies important data to the traffic information services and can integrate toll systems, video systems, emergency call systems and all systems for environmental and traffic data collection. Of course, it can easily cooperate with neighboring traffic centers and route stations of various kinds.

This makes Sitraffic Varia the system of choice for regional and urban freeways, expressways and tunnels.

Modular layout according to customer requirements

Thanks to Sitraffic Varia's modular structure everything is possible. From a compact highway control center to a tunnel control center with various operating facilities and a fully developed, higher-level Varia Nova control center.

The system is applicable to all control levels and adopts to rising demand and requirements if necessary. Without ever becoming problematic in terms of hardware or software, because in the Sitraffic world everything fits together: the systems for long-distance traffic, for city traffic and for parking.

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A solid base with expert know-how

Sitraffic Varia is structured in a way that for standard control system functions a middleware is used which already provides many basic functions (e.g. hot standby, user interface, multilingualism, user administration, archiving, reports, etc.). This relieves our experts and gives room for project-specific functions (e.g. ventilation, lighting, traffic control, etc.). The best engineers are involved for design, design, development, testing, implementation, and integration of Sitraffic Varia. The well-founded expert know-how and the intensive exchange of information between specialists, taking into account comprehensive project experience, have been incorporated into the product - and thus benefit you as a partner of Siemens Mobility.

Safety for persons and buildings

Safety gains increasingly in importance – depending on country and legal requirements. The safety of people is the core element of our security measures. In the same extent the security of investment is in our focus by reducing economic damage and loss of income in the event of fire and accidents. Our experts know the requirements for functional safety (IEC 61508) and implement them in the design and installation phase with the help of recognized test institutes.

In times of cyber attacks, also IT security is of crucial importance. Our security processes are ISO/IEC 27001 certified. We carry out a threat-risk analysis for the project, followed by a derivation of suitable security measures in cooperation with the customer to assure adequate security levels according to IEC 62443 (Industrial communication networks – Network and system security). 

Innovations - BIM and Digital Twin

Tunnel projects are complex, with thousands of components, cabinets, and electric cabling to be considered in the design and installation phase. With Building Information Management (BIM), Siemens is initially building the tunnel virtually, equipping it and carrying out coordination with all other project participants. The physical construction process begins only after the virtual model meets all expectations and specifications, saving time and costs while improving quality in complex tunnel projects. Digital Twins based on BIM enhance the performance of tunnels from the design process throughout the whole life cycle.

Flexible Tunnel and Freeway Management - Benefits and Highlights

  • Control of the operational control technology (ventilation, lighting, fire alarm system, energy supply, etc.) in tunnels
  • Network management on large and small areas (route or park information)
  • Manual and automatic route control (e.g. traffic jam warning, accident warning, weather warnings due to fog and wetness, release of hard shoulder)
  • Freeway junction control (inflow control and lane signaling)
  • Traffic control in and around the tunnel
  • Telematic parking (e.g. capacity of parking spaces, condensed parking)
  • Control of traffic flow at factory gates
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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.

Tunnel and Freeway Management

No matter if individual components or complete turnkey solutions, Siemens Mobility offers highly flexible solutions that can be perfectly adapted to your requirements.

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Flexible tunnel and freeway solutions by Siemens Mobility 

Start now with harmonizing traffic, reducing travel times and emissions by implementing an adaptible tunnel and freeway solution.