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Siemens has virtually unparalleled expertise and comprehensive experience in equipping complex tunnels. Our experts make sure that the different systems are seamlessly integrated in order to offer maximum added value to both the tunnel operator and the users. No matter if turnkey end-to-end solutions or individual functions such as power supply, lighting, ventilation, fire detection, video surveillance, emergency call, recording of traffic and environmental data or traffic control – Siemens offers highly flexible solutions that can be perfectly adapted to your requirements. Many tunnels are part of a highway network. In these cases, Siemens control centers allow the integration of tunnel and highway control functions in a single system.

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Siemens tunnel solutions

Flexible solutions that meet your needs

Our flexible approach enables us to provide the right answer to all requirements of our customers – from highly function-focused to meticulously detailed specifications – and always deliver the right solution for your project and your needs.

Well protected: people and facilities

With tunnel construction, the focus is increasingly on safety – depending on the legal stipulations in each country. The safety of people has top priority in all safety features we develop and implement. But we also do everything to protect your investment by reducing the risk of economic damage and loss of income resulting from an accident or fire.

Our experts are perfectly familiar with the functional safety rules stipulated in IEC 61508 and ensure their careful implementation across the entire design and installation phase. For this, they also rely on the support of accredited testing institutes.

System protection and IT security for tunnels

In times of cyber attacks, it is also of vital importance to implement effective system protection and IT security measures. Our security processes are ISO/IEC 27001 certified. As a first step, we carry out a threat-risk analysis for the project. In cooperation with the customer we then derive suitable security measures that assure adequate security levels according to IEC 62443 (Industrial communication networks – Network and system security).

Sitraffic ITCC tunnel control center – universal use, flexible customization

The heart of our tunnel solutions is a sophisticated control system with secondary automation: our Sitraffic International Tunnel Control Center (ITCC). In the tunnel control center, all data on the operation of the tunnel systems and on the traffic situation converge. Sitraffic ITCC uses highly standardized software modules to create a flexible platform solution. This reduces costs considerably while allowing the targeted adaptation of the system to your requirements.

Sitraffic ITTC – the modular solution for your tunnel management.

Sitraffic ITCC allows a detailed analysis of both the traffic situation and the operation of the technical systems in the tunnel. This enables you to initiate the right response to every situation – using a range of variable message signs to issue targeted warnings or suitable diversion route recommendation, speed limits and lane closures etc.

Solid technical basis plus extensive expert knowledge

For standard control functions, Sitraffic ITCC uses tried-and-trusted industrial middleware that already provides for a whole range of basic functions (such as hot standby, graphical user interface, multiple languages, user administration, archiving, reporting etc.). This takes some of the workload off our experts’ shoulders and gives them extra scope to focus on tunnel-specific functions, e.g. ventilation, lighting, traffic control etc.

Top engineers from many different countries have been involved in designing, developing, testing and implementing Sitraffic ITCC. Hence the system is the product of Siemens’ technical excellence, the solid know-how of our experts and an intensive knowledge exchange between numerous specialists in combination with extensive project experience – for added value that you as a Siemens partner stand to benefit from.

Central control and monitoring

Sitraffic ITCC is a complete solution that comprises everything from local control and surveillance (per PLC) and operation and monitoring stations right up to the central server system. Sitraffic ITCC does much more than manage the traffic guidance and control systems. This contributes substantially to safe tunnel operation since hazardous situations can be detected and resolved faster. Sitraffic ITCC can be used to control and monitor the following tunnel equipment:

  • Power supply
  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Emergency call system
  • Video surveillance
  • Traffic counting
  • Traffic guidance
  • Fire detectio
  • Fire extinction

Sitraffic ITCC tunnel control center. Feature highlights:

  • Modular structure, flexible customization
  • Permanent availability; flexible expansion at any time
  • Easy adaptation to the situation; fast response
  • Uniform user interface, user-friendly design
Complete tunnel technology from a single source

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Infrastructure and urban traffic control

Growing traffic volumes, increasing air pollution, rising costs: A mobility solution cannot solve all your infrastructure challenges on its own. But it will always contribute to making your city or municipality even more modern, more attractive and more environmentally friendly.

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Tunnel experience around the globe

From Hong Kong to Abu Dhabi: The Sitraffic ITCC tunnel control center is already doing an excellent job in numerous tunnels.
Fully integrated Tunnel Control System for the new Gotthard Base Tunnel

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Flexible tunnel solutions from Siemens – for safe and secure tunnels

No matter if individual components or complete turnkey solutions including everything from power supply, lighting, ventilation, fire detection, video surveillance, emergency call, data recording dynamic traffic signs right up to traffic control, guidance and monitoring: Siemens offers highly flexible solutions that can be perfectly adapted to your requirements.

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