Partnering with Indian Railways 

Delivering 1,200 new 9000HP Locomotives #TransformTheEveryday 

Single largest order in the history of Siemens Limited

Siemens’ partnership with the Indian Railways (IR) combines innovation with responsibility to deliver reliable, safe, efficient, and intelligent technologies. As a trusted partner of the Indian Railways, Siemens Mobility is set to deliver 1,200 Electric Locomotives of 9000 HP and provide 35 years of full-service maintenance. This will help them in improving haulage capacity, speed, scale, and utilization of rolling stocks on its freight corridors. Total order value is approximately Rs. 28,000 crores.

India: A nation on the Move

One of the fastest growing countries in the world, the fourth largest economy with the third largest rail network, India is a country on the move. The country’s Vision 2030 aspires to create modern infrastructure for the buoyant economy and improve the quality of life for the citizens. 
Manufacturing is at the epicentre of achieving this goal, whereas logistics and supply chain are the enablers. The Government of India, thereby, rolled out the National Logistics Policy coupled with National Rail Plan to address the supply chain challenges in the country. India is continuously investing in the dedicated electrified mainline rail network to transport goods seamlessly across the length and breadth of the country.

Rail ki Gati, Desh ki Pragati

Hindi saying for Speed means progress

Railways has been the backbone of India, acting as the wheels of progress for the citizens and the economy. The current network of 22,593 trains carries about 24 million passengers and 204 million tonnes of freight. Furthermore, the Indian Railways has prioritized several initiatives under the National Rail Plan to improve speed, enhance haulage capacity, and optimize costs.

Indian Railways Objectives

Motive behind the 9000 HP Locomotive

9000 HP Electric Locomotive is Indian Railways' response to high growth demand in rail freight transportation, heavy haulage, decarbonization, energy & resource efficiency. Indian Railways factory at Dahod, Gujarat is going to be home to this latest innovation of 9000 HP Electric Locomotive. With renewed throughput, the locomotives can achieve the HP to trailing load ratio required to boost the haulage capacity of the Indian Railways, thereby im- proving average speed and utilization of the rolling stock assets. The solution also features an improved monitoring and diagnostic platform, and an advanced continuous real-time tracking through GPS.

Project statistics

The capacity augmentation is in line with the operational demands of the high-speed freight channels like the electrified Dedicated Freight Corridor (DFC).  Siemens Mobility will design, manufacture, and commission the locomotives to carry freight on these corridors across the country. The project is a testimony of Siemens commitment to Indian Railways' growth and enabler in it being the wheels of progress for a country on the move.