Thinking mobility

Connecting information technology with transportation expertise to create the best value in mobility.

The growing demand for mobility within existing transportation infrastructure is just one of the many challenges facing today’s cities. In this age of rapid change, intelligent strategies are required and efficient use and control of mobility solutions are of prime importance. The travel experience for passengers must also be enhanced in order to increase acceptance and use.

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Siemens digital intelligence and efficiency leads to integrated solutions for urban mobility.

By 2050the earth’s population will be approximately9.5 billionof whom will live6.5 billionin urban centers.
In 20106,400
billion Euros
were spent to transport goods and people, nearly 1,000 Euros per person.

Current public transport performance in the cities.

"The Mobility Opportunity", a study commissioned by Siemens, analyses the economic benefits that cities stand to gain from investing in transport systems, today and in 2030.

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Note: Metrics scored out of ten; shading further from centre indicates higher score. *Indicates metric scored relatively; all other metrics are absolute


Prescriptive Service

Identifying and correcting malfunctions before they occur.

Digital remote monitoring and diagnosis systems which continually analyze the condition of components and their operation to prevent malfunctions. The result: increased availability and efficiency for operators and more reliability and punctuality for passengers.


Automated Train Operation

Improving reliability, flexibility and lowering operating costs.

Siemens developed Trainguard® MT: a modular, radio-based train control system which decreases train headways to less than 90 seconds. Automated Train Operation optimizes energy balance and punctuality, resulting in greater efficiency and reliability.

Traffic Management

Creating a safer and optimized traffic flow.

Sitraffic® is a scalable traffic platform to navigate traffic streams more efficiently and comprehensively. Thanks to intelligent traffic control we can reduce traffic jams and improve the quality of life in urban areas.

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Traffic Management White Paper: How can regional and national capitals benefit from the opportunities modern Traffic Management can provide? Our latest White Paper offers clear recommendations.

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Passenger experience

Automated Fare Collection / Ticketing

Saving time for passengers when purchasing tickets.

The smartcard developed by Siemens is a key component for networking different modes of transportation, as well as a conceivable option for the future intermodal use of additional mobility and leisure activities.

Always Connected

Modernizing travel experience with constant Internet access and customized services.

Always Connected is Siemens’ “interconnected train” solution offering internet based applications for operators for a better coordination and optimization of fleet management in real-time. Passengers have easy access on all information needed and entertainment solutions that ensure a contemporary passenger experience.

Smart Parking

Optimizing parking management.

As much as 40% of inner-city traffic consists of vehicles looking for parking spots. Siemens Smart Parking Solution has radars that monitor the parking situation and relay occupancy information to a control center. Here the available slots are evaluated and communicated to drivers. This translates into less searching, improved traffic flow and reduced congestion.