Integrated mobility with a future

Siemens SiMobility covers a set of innovative IT-based solutions. The SiMobility suite improves passenger experience helps travel to become easier and more comfortable even across different modes of transportation. It enables information and transactional services applicable for passengers before, during and after trips.


Future of Hubs

More and more people and goods need to be transported. To enable them to reach their destinations reliably, safely and with minimal impact on the environment, it is important to have an intelligent network linking the various transport systems, especially in transport hubs, and Siemens has developed solutions for these challenges.

Mobility Consulting

Siemens offers individual consultancy services for integrated mobility concepts and solutions to enable sustainable development on the part of cities and municipal authorities, and also transportation and logistics service providers. Mobility Consulting: comprehensive expertise for practical application, drawn from practical experience.

Forward-looking mobility solutions - Green mobility

We`re already deeply involved in a solution scenario for the future. For over 160 years, Siemens` motto has been to always stay one step ahead. Our aim is a sustainable business environment, which we`re promoting on a global level.

SiMobility Connect

SiMobility Connect is a B2B platform enabling integrated information and transactions across modes, before, along and after the journey. SiMobility Connect enables strong positioning in mobility ecosystems.

SiMobility Flow

SiMobility Flow provides tailored information for travelers and operators, when and where it is needed. SiMobility Flow enables proximity-based push information for passenger guidance and generates a relevant source of usage data for operators.

SiMobility JustGo

SiMobility JustGo means hands-free, on-the-go ticketing with BiBo (Be-in/Be-out) and CiBo (Check-in/Be-out) flavors. SiMobility JustGo increases comfort of travel – at lower cost.