Future of Hubs

By 2030, more than 60% of the population will be living in cities. At the same time, standards of living are rising, along with mobility and demand for consumer goods. The increasing flow of passengers and goods has to be managed within and between urban centers. Transport hubs are becoming extremely important. As nodes, they must intelligently network various transportation systems so that people and goods can be transported in a safe, efficient, and environmentally sound manner.

The world’s transport infrastructure is under pressure and must be improved in order to handle the projected growth. Siemens has taken on the task of providing concrete answers to these challenges. As expert provider of complete solutions, we take advantage of technological synergies between the different types of hubs to provide fast, reliable, and sustainable mobility.


Each year, the number of airline passengers increases by 5% to 6%. Air freight traffic is growing at a comparable rate. Siemens provides solutions for safety and security, efficiency, and service that can help optimize airport processes to benefit both passengers and the environment.


Integrated transport systems, shorter routes, added convenience by providing passengers with a space integrated in an urban environment that includes trade and industry, opportunities for employment, housing, and recreation – all these factors will shape the railway station of the future. At the same time, security and energy efficiency are also becoming more important. Integrated solutions from Siemens address these challenges, and more.

Rail terminals

Containerization in freight transport is on the rise, bringing with it increased terminal automation. The fast, efficient transfer of freight is an essential part of intermodal transport. Siemens solutions for terminal and railway automation ensure a seamless, on-time workflow.


Ports are import and export hubs, forming the link between sea and land. With Siemens technologies, maritime and inland ports can manage growing passenger and freight traffic without having to expand their capacities and while collaborating with inland terminals even more efficiently.

Logistics centers

Welcome relief for traffic networks and citizens: consolidating and distributing the flow of goods can help to dam up the further increase of city traffic. Siemens has experience with all the key technologies needed to equip and operate urban consolidation centers.