SiMobility Flow provides tailored information for travelers and operators, when and where it is needed


  • Proximity-based services for travelers

  • Location-aware information and proactive information delivery

  • Passenger data analytics for operators and city authorities

Not familiar with where you are? As a personal guide, SiMobility Flow provides proximity-based information along the stations of a trip.

SiMobility Flow triggers the proactive provision of location-related services for passengers along their routes, in stations, at bus stops, and in vehicles, buses and trains. The smartphone app detects nearby Bluetooth transmitters, so-called beacons. When travelers stay near the transmitter, companies can send push messages via the mobile app. Depending on the individual settings, the mobile device provides information about transport options, tourist information or marketing messages. For example, when passengers enter the infrastructure, they automatically receive push notifications about departure times, service disruptions and other relevant events. Updated timetables are displayed as soon as the passenger reaches the platform. In the same way connections to other carriers are shown when the traveler reaches the destination platform. On leaving the station, attention is drawn, for example, to car sharing and bike sharing stations, as well as to shops.

Analytics generate anonymous transportation data on actual passenger flows.

This data enables transport operators to optimize their infrastructure and services. Passenger movements are not monitored by GPS and strict protection of personal data is ensured. Integration of questionnaires and polls provides options for direct interaction between operators and passengers.


Did you know?

SiMobility Flow is being used in a pilot project in the Villach Region of Austria, where it is complementing transport-relevant content with additional tourist information. Current implementations in London (The Crystal) and Abu Dhabi (Masdar City) are also showing the value added by combining mobility related information with complementary locality-related content.