Siemens has a portfolio of future-ready locomotives that allow our customers to operate economically – while at the same time reducing environmental impacts and conserving resources. The new generation of Vectron locomotives provides high flexibility and covers all applications from pure AC- and DC- up to multi-system locomotives. Our Charger locomotives are the ideal solution for passenger train operation in North America. Siemens can also provide individual solutions that can be precisely customized to customer-specific requirement profiles, based on our tried and tested concepts and components. With our global presence and many years of experience, Siemens can also build locomotives in cooperation with local vehicle manufacturers.

Vectron – the new generation of European locomotives

Vectron features a full range of modular locomotives from pure AC and DC locomotives up to a four-system MS locomotive. A broad range of options allows customizing to the needs of an individual operator. Market-leading performance, long-term cost efficiency, borderless mobility and highest availability – that's Vectron.

Asiarunner – flexible and light

The Asiarunner is Siemens’ locomotive platform for narrow-gauge operation. The Asiarunner’s locomotive concept meets the requirements imposed by the narrow-gauge market in Asia and Africa; it is designed for use on gauges from 1,000 to 1,067 mm, and accommodates a large number of different clearance profiles, as well as the required low-axle loads.

Individualized customer solutions

We supply individual solutions customized to the requirement profile specified by our customers, who benefit from our international experience with complete loco-motives or from cooperation with local manufacturers.