Custom specific solutions

Electric freight locomotive E40AC for Australia

Customer challenges

QR National: Over-aged existing fleet with insufficient performance .Coal demand was rising in a way that QRN could not handle traffic with refurb locomotives alone. New locomotive  were required.

PN, BMA: Rolling stock required for pulling heavy coal trains.

Siemens offerings

QR National: Siemens provided concept for new locomotive  based on components used for refurb locos and delivery schedule that could overcome QR National’s locomotive shortage

PN, BMA: New locomotives provided

Results and value

Example QR National:

CO2 saving of 2587 t per train and year possible

Less locos required = less maintenance required and less waste produced during maintenance

Electric locomotives 2ES7 and 2ES10 for Russian Railways

Customer challenges

Overaged existing fleet with insufficient performance

Siemens offerings

Convincing concept using existing mechanical portion of 2ES6 locomotive combined with Siemens AC technology (Vectron based converter; Drive)

Ability to deliver quickly

Results and value

Productivity increase versus old locos ( two sections instead of three sections)

Less energy consumption due to energy recuperation

Less maintenance effort and less waste produced during maintenance

ACS-64 passenger locomotive for Amtrak, USA

Customer challenges

Over-aged existing fleet with low reliability and availability causing negative feedback from ridership and high costs of maintenance

Expansion of passenger services planned mid-term

Siemens offerings

Siemens provided concept suiting Amtrak’s operational needs best:

  • high power of locomotive

  • fully redundant head-end-power system

Locomotive based on Eurosprinter and Vectron

Results and value

Regenerative braking will save energy - estimate 8 to 10 %, thus equally reduced CO2 emission and energy costs

Higher power than today‘s Amtrak locomotives allows for better keeping schedule, thus increasing ridership satisfaction