Vectron adapts flexibly to your needs

Take advantage of current and future business opportunities. With just the right locomotive, one that is consistently aligned with your transport needs. Vectron combines efficiency with adaptability – throughout its entire lifecycle. Thanks to its well-conceived design, which extends all the way to customized financing solutions, even national variants tailored to your needs and smaller quantities are still economical.

Ability to plan for the future

With Vectron, you remain flexible and can thus react to future changes in the market – thanks to its ability to adapt to new route requirements and areas of use.

Smaller financial burdens

Thanks to Vectron’s extreme scalability, railway operators can solve their traction requirements at low acquisition costs. Optimized energy use and increased serviceability also reduce your ongoing operating costs.

Optimal fungibility

Vectron can be adapted to new areas of use over its entire lifecycle, making it an investment that retains its value.

Ready for passenger traffic

Vectron is ideal for use in passenger service. For you, this means better use of your locomotives – because they can be easily reconfigured from freight to passenger service and vice versa throughout Vectron’s entire life cycle.