Bring the future on board

Europe is experiencing increasing traffic. The flows of goods and the areas of operation are shifting. To master future traffic requirements, one must be able to react quickly and cost-effectively. Vectron can be flexibly adapted to new route requirements and operational areas. And you invest only in what you really need at the moment.

Custom-fit concept

Vectron was developed for everyone who wants and needs to comply with present and future requirements and traffic tasks. As the first consistently market-oriented product on the European locomotive market, Vectron provides needed flexibility to operators to ensure they can grow and thrive in the future. The concept is based on a high level of technical scalability with a multitude of available system and component options that let you bundle the perfect combination of Vectron equipment packages for any traction task. Increase your competitive advantage: Equip your Vectron with precisely the components you need for your areas of operation – both now and in the future.

Future-oriented preliminary equipment packages

Every region, every route, and every task has its own special requirements. And Vectron has a solution for each: Future-oriented preliminary equipment packages allow you to retrofit and upgrade the electric Vectron locomotives quickly for passenger and freight traffic on demanding routes, for example. To make it even simpler, the Vectron bogie eliminates the need for a time-consuming and expensive bogie upgrade.

Move more

Plan efficiently – both today and tomorrow. For you, this means: greater flexibility in planning, and increased sales. The standard draft gear with the optional central buffer coupling, combined with multiple unit capability, high power, and intelligent slip control makes it possible. This keeps all your options open – even when your trains get longer and heavier.

Customized national variants

Vectron is available in various performance classes, and the locomotives are scalable, through the use of country-specific and equipment packages. Standard certified and preferred variants are readily available, allowing for a rapid start without additional, time-consuming development and certification processes. And Vectron can also be converted for cross-border operation if the geographic scope of your operation changes later.

Easy retrofits and upgrades

With Vectron, customization and flexibility go hand in hand. All options can be retrofitted and upgraded throughout the locomotive’s entire life cycle. That increases not only the security of your investment, but also the resale value. Get in shape for the future – with a locomotive that will put you on track for a secure future.