Optimal fungibility thanks to maximum flexibility

In today’s fast-paced world, flexibility over the long term is absolutely essential. Nobody can predict how the flow of traffic and goods will change over the next ten or even twenty years. So it’s important to choose a flexibly adaptable product – a product that can be adapted to new applications throughout its life cycle. This is the only way to maintain the value of an investment. Vectron’s modular vehicle concept makes it a valuable investment and ensures extraordinary viability into the future.

What is fungibility?

Fungibility is the flexibility that allows locomotives to be adapted to changing operating requirements and applications throughout their life cycle. Fungibility determines a locomotive’s suitability for secondary use and reuse. Thanks to a consistent product strategy, Vectron has the highest fungibility of any European locomotive, which will be rewarded by your financing partners with favorable conditions.

Modular concept

Flexibility is possible only if a subsequent upgrade or conversion can be easily implemented. Vectron’s intelligent interface concept lays the foundation. 

Simple corridor changes

Changes in the flow of goods are highly probable in the future, so the wish for locomotives that can be converted from one national combination to another comes as no surprise. Vectron makes such conversions easy to perform.

Trouble-free conversion from AC to MS

Have you been using the high-power Vectron AC and now need to convert to operation under DC catenary? No problem! Vectron can be subsequently upgraded to a multisystem locomotive.

Ready to transport freight and passengers

Operators who currently transport goods only can increase their locomotives’ utilization capacity by expanding into passenger traffic. Make full use of your assets. Vectron is the right vehicle for the job.

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