Easy change of corridors thanks to a trouble-free conversion

Europe is evolving. Flows of goods are changing – and will continue to change in the future. For you this means either adding more locomotives or converting your existing rolling stock. Vectron locomotives can be converted from one national combination to another quickly and easily, as shown by the following two examples.

Converting Vectron AC from D-A to D-A-HU-RO

An expansion of the Germany-Austria corridor to a Germany-Austria-Hungary-Romania corridor requires basic changes in the area of automatic train protection. Thanks to its modular train protection equipment cabinet and upgrade-friendly roof, Vectron is simple to convert.

Adapt automatic train protection system to corridor requirements

Driver’s desk

No change other than retrofitting Mirel controls and displays in the existing installation location.


Retrofit 160 MHz train protection antenna for the 2-70 radio module.


In the concept of homologation of a modular maximum configuration for priority corridors and areas of operation, new configurations are merely subsystems of this maximum system. This opens up the possibility of performing a delta homologation with relatively little effort.


National languages for locomotive operation have to be applied where necessary.

Converting Vectron DC from PL to I

Example of an application: Change a Vectron DC’s country of operation from Poland to Italy. The powertrain (reactor, converter, and traction motors) can be used in both countries and requires no modification. National components for Poland that are no longer needed (SHP device and SHP magnet) can be removed and repurposed as desired. Pantographs are also removed because a different type is used in Italy. Thanks to the modular maximum configuration, all national components for Italy are easily retrofitted in the existing installation locations.

Conversion in detail:

  • DC pantographs for Italy

  • SCMT including cabinet in machine compartment

  • Fire extinguishing system

  • Wheel flange lubrication system at axles 2 and 3

  • SCMT antenna in underfloor area

  • Driver’s desk adaption to high version to incorporate SCMT controls and displays

  • Italian language elements (labels, displays, etc.)

  • Red marking at the front