Modular concept for maximum flexibility

Standardized, yet a perfect fit: All Vectron versions (AC, DC and MS) use uniform, standardized interfaces. This means that identical parts can be used on all levels – of course, only when it makes sense from a technological and economic point of view. The versions are intentionally equipped with different traction equipment that is tailored to their specific range of use.

One component – one installation location

A view of the machine compartment: All (main) components have fixed installation locations throughout the entire Vectron family. For example, AC and DC components are strictly separate. Thus, all available country and traction packages can be easily retrofitted or converted. Generally, no additional cables are required, or else they’re easily integrated. Furthermore, the control cables are easily accessible in cable ducts beneath the floor plates in the central aisle.


Vectron electric locomotives have a bogie that covers the whole speed range up to 200 km/h, meaning that the same bogie can easily be used for both freight and passenger traffic. The Vectron DE (diesel-electric) version’s bogie is built for a maximum speed of 160 km/h and is therefore universally usable for freight and regional transport. Both versions benefit from the track-friendly pinion hollow-shaft drive.

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