Upgrade from AC to MS

All the Vectron locomotives can be adapted to new traffic requirements at any time. With the appropriate pre-equipment package, it is also possible to turn a high-power AC locomotive into a multisystem locomotive, thus ensuring long-term investment security as well as high value retention.

Simple conversion

When you purchase a Vectron AC, you have the possibility of subsequently upgrading to a multisystem locomotive – provided you opt for a pre-equipment package that includes the DC main power cables. You can then convert the Vectron AC to the Vectron MS without significant effort.

Required modifications

  • Radio antennae

  • Pantograph conversions

  • Converter upgrade

Components to be added

The following components can simply be integrated into the existing installation locations.

  • Automatic train protection systems and languages depending on the country of service

  • Braking resistor

  • DC high-voltage equipment

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