Flexibly adaptable to urban and interurban rail traffic

Flexibility means more than just optimal adaptation to the requirements of freight transport. In this age of deregulation, passenger transport also holds opportunities. Putting your locomotives into service for passenger traffic can increase their utilization capacity and thus contribute to a better use of your assets. But only a product that remains adaptable throughout its entire life cycle can cover both areas and retain the value of your investment. With Vectron, you have the perfect locomotive.

Vectron as passenger locomotive

Passenger trains pulled by locomotives allow you to distribute your investment volume by procuring locomotives and coaches separately. This gives you considerable flexibility in planning, purchasing, and adapting to passenger traffic. Vectron can be deployed universally, meaning it can haul both regional and long-distance trains. Even a reconfiguration from freight to passenger locomotive – for example during the second half of its life cycle – is easily accomplished.

130 years of passenger traffic with Siemens locomotives

From 1879 to the present day, transporting passengers by rail would be unimaginable without Siemens. The world’s first electric locomotive was manufactured by Siemens and transported passengers.

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