Reducing the financial burdens on your business

Vectron is a product that is rigorously geared to market requirements. It provides an ideal, low-cost solution for your specific transportation tasks thanks to well-planned, preconfigured variants and a choice of option packages. With this fine scalability, customers invest only in what they really need. Optimized energy consumption and increased serviceability also ensure low operating costs.

Vectron option packages

Different customers have different requirements. With Vectron, you only order what you really need. With a selection of option packages to choose from, Vectron can be precisely customized to a wide range of customer wishes.

Optimized energy consumption

Modern locomotives have been highly efficient for years and therefore environmentally friendly. Vectron builds on the progress already made and implements further improvements in detail.

Preferred variants and stock locomotives ready for operation

Fast availability of vehicles is an essential requirement for a successful business, especially for private operators. With this goal in mind, Vectron offers specially configured preferred variants and systematically continues to provide stock locomotives.

Increased serviceability

A locomotive downtime means reduced availability. Consequently, all measures that can help reduce maintenance time are worth hard cash. Maintainability has been definitively improved on the Vectron with this aim in mind.

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