Option packages for problem-free operation

Vectron optimally and quickly adapts to your wishes. Country-specific packages, for example, include the prescribed equipment for operation in a country selected by you. With the predefined option packages, you can also upgrade your Vectron with additional features needed for your operation or that help you simplify operation.

Customized Vectron solution

Vectron is suitable for operation in virtually every area of deployment and adapts smoothly to your traction application. We pursue a cost-saving, graduated approach whereby the basic locomotive is enhanced with modular, country-specific packages and can be matched expressly to your requirements through predefined option packages. Help yourself from a comprehensive option list. We’ve compiled a small selection of examples for you here. In some cases the option can only be acquired as part of the initial equipment order, but others can be ordered as retrofit packages.

Active rotary dampers (ADD)

Vectron is designed to be ready for installation of an active rotary damper. The transitional interfaces are generally provided. This means that it is only necessary to replace the existing passive damper with the active rotary damper and to retrofit the electrical control unit. The ADD is obtainable as an original equipment package or as a retrofit package.

Oil-free compressor

Vectron’s compressed-air equipment rack is of modular construction so that either a standard compressor (for example, from Almig) or an oil-free compressor (for example, from Knorr) can be installed.

Rear-view system

Vectron has a camera-assisted rear-view system, which is already mandatory in certain countries. If this is not the case, it can be selected as an option.

Fire-extinguishing system

A fire-extinguishing system is mandatory in many countries. If this is not the case, it can be installed as an additional safety feature as part of a retrofit package. All electric Vectron locomotives are suitably pre-equipped: in other words, all the necessary piping is already in place in locomotives and racks.