Vectron means new freedom for cross-border traffic

Cross borders with no limits. Vectron gives you the freedom to choose the routes you want to serve. The new interoperable Vectron locomotives overcome technical barriers and support cross-border rail connections whenever required by your business. Vectron can be used on all continental European corridors and on the ERTMS corridors.

European corridors and their requirements

International traffic on the main European corridors is increasing. To efficiently handle the flow of goods and freight within Europe, operators must be able to seamlessly serve diverse routes when crossing national borders.

Cutting-edge country packages

Vectron’s cutting-edge country package concept minimizes the expense of future upgrades or retrofits to enable travel on different European corridors.

Technical and administrative barriers

There are still technical and administrative barriers to surmount. This results in different requirements for locomotive manufacturers and railway operators.