Vectron Railcover offers tailored service

Optimally plannable rail operations require maximum availability, which can only be ensured through need-based service and maintenance. After all, putting great things in motion means having reliable vehicles available at all times. But apart from reliable vehicles, it’s also important to deliver quick response times and service proximity – anywhere in Europe. That way, your vehicles remain in top form in everyday operation and, if a worst-case situation should arise, your vehicles quickly move again and you can focus on running your operation.


The new Vectron: a maintenance-optimized vehicle. Its service requirements have already been systematically considered in the design process, which minimizes service costs and creates longer intervals between servicing.

Condition-based maintenance ready

Optimized Service: This is achieved by systematically gearing maintenance activities to the actual condition of the locomotive. The result is improved maintenance planning in the long run.

Railcover for locomotives

Maximum operational availability and minimizes costs: That are the feature of Vectron Railcover – the intelligent service concept ensures. We offer a large number of combinable service modules to address customers’ specific requirements.