Speed, efficiency and a perfect fit – these are the challenges that we strive to meet. Thanks to our intelligent spare parts concepts you receive exactly the parts you need, at the right time and in the right place, quickly and reliably. With the new parts, exchange parts and periodic maintenance package modules, we offer you spare parts solutions to keep your rail operation running efficiently.

Spare parts

Our challenge is to deliver quickly so that downtimes can be avoided. That’s why we’ve defined a range of parts geared precisely to minimizing operational interruptions. Our central stock helps to deliver these parts just in time. You benefit every time from this uncomplicated access to our spare parts, because there’s no longer any need for your own logistics or your own stocks of spares. That reduces the amount of capital you have tied up and, thanks to defined price lists, allows you to plan procurements more effectively.

Periodic maintenance packages

Our periodic maintenance packages make it easy to have all parts needed for scheduled maintenance in one place. This is no problem with our periodic maintenance packages. The pre-picked packages tailored to the various maintenance deadlines contain the parts you need for your periodic maintenance work. And they arrive at your maintenance facility on time, which makes you more flexible and reduces unproductive times at the maintenance facility on time; on time packages in the trust sense of the word.