Here, we can help. After all, when something goes wrong, you need assistance fast. With the Railcover support modules you have access to services that can help to significantly increase the availability of your vehicles. Wherever you operate your locomotives, we can assist you with our Rail Support Center, mobile service technicians and an extensive network of workshops in central Europe.

Siemens Rail Support Center

You can contact our locomotive experts directly at any time via our help desk, the Siemens Rail Support Center. They will devise a specific solution for your fault incident immediately – one call is all it takes. A long-distance data transmission system installed on the locomotives delivers environmental and operational data to provide effective assistance for clearing the fault.

Most faults can be rectified with one of the following three methods:

  • Repairable by means of remote fault diagnosis by qualified locomotive experts

  • Repairable by means of service technicians working locally on the locomotive

  • Repairable in one of the nearby service facilities in our partner network

1. Remote fault diagnosis by Rail Support Center

In this case the fault report is communicated to the Rail Support Center by telephone, backed by long-distance data transmission. The locomotive experts clarify the cause and the train personnel are instructed on how to remedy the fault.

2. Sending mobile service technicians

The fault data is analyzed after it has been transmitted to the Rail Support Center. If it is apparent that the cause cannot be rectified by the train personnel, a mobile service technician is dispatched to deal with the problem immediately.

3. Transfer to nearest service facility

If the fault can only be repaired in a workshop, the Rail Support Center Team is on the spot and immediately makes arrangements at the nearest service facility. Because of the high degree of in-built redundancy in today’s locomotives, most can make it to the service facility on their own power.

Mobile technicians

Should a fault ever be too complicated for you to deal with yourself, we’re there to help. At present, a number of mobile technicians are stationed at three locations in Germany and can reach the location of your locomotive very quickly with their mobile service vehicles. Not only are they trained for the technical systems of the locomotives, the train radio and automatic train control systems, but they have access to the latest maintenance manuals and software versions for Siemens locomotives at all times. Their mobile service vehicles are optimally equipped with selected tools and a portable stock of spares to insure fast, professional repair on the line. The support centers for the mobile technicians are being continuously expanded along the main line corridors.

Field Support Device

Expert support is available wherever it’s needed. With the Field Support Device our technicians in the field have an audio-visual communication tool which allows duplication of the fault clearance knowledge base. The technician can call in the expert team at the Siemens Rail Support Center via a military-standard secure link in order to speed repair of the damage. In this case, colleagues from Engineering can also be consulted if necessary so the vehicle can quickly be restored to operation. After all, reducing your downtimes is our top priority.

Service facilities

A suitable depot infrastructure is necessary for both scheduled maintenance activities and large repairs, and ideally this should never be more than a “stone’s throw” from the locomotive’s present location. Siemens has an extensive network of contractual service facilities with qualified partners on the main traffic routes in Central Europe. That means you not only have direct, uncomplicated access to depot capacities, but you benefit also from trained, expert personnel. And our spare parts solutions help to further minimize the time spent by a locomotive in our contractual partner’s facility. Our top priority is to quickly get your vehicles back into operation.