Serviceability – right from the start

Start thinking about tomorrow today – with optimized components for optimized maintenance. The deliberate inclusion of service requirements in the design process reduces and simplifies the maintenance of the new Vectron locomotives and ensures their high availability and reliability.

Extended maintenance intervals

The foundation for optimum operation and efficient maintenance is already laid in the design phase. The choice of components and their installation and connection to the entire locomotive system is crucial to the reliability and availability of the vehicle. During the development of Vectron, all components were selected and optimized with a view to their maintenance-friendliness. This has resulted in extended maintenance intervals, with lower repair costs overall.

Replaceable front end

Vectron is designed so that any components deformed in a collision can be replaced quickly. Vectron has buffers with high-performance deformation elements. The front end is also completely removable and can therefore be stored separately, preassembled and ready for installation. This means that, should an accident occur, you can replace it immediately and get the locomotive quickly back into service. This is relevant for your insurance premium. The front end concept has already been used successfully in service and the concept has been proven, for example, in the Eurosprinters in Belgium and Portugal and on the Eurorunner in Lithuania.

Reduced wear

Less wear means lower maintenance costs. The Vectron can be optionally equipped with an active rotation damper. This reduces transverse forces on the track and consequently also reduces wheel wear, making it a worthwhile investment especially for hauling trains on winding routes.