Planning and investments are secure with Vectron

Gear up for the future now. With an advanced locomotive that is as ready for long-term perspectives as it is for changing markets and sudden unforeseen events. Vectron is like your business – individual, highly constant, and yet adaptable – thanks to maximum flexibility that minimizes risks, and thus leads to an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

Seamless production and testing expertise

Locomotives, bogies, drives, and components – Vectron is a quality product from a single source. Our own production facilities and testing centers guarantee reliability.

Proven product expertise

Time-tested and, at the same time, innovative: Vectron is backed by 130 years of comprehensive expertise in rail vehicles – and new strategies to optimize your total cost of ownership.

Modular locomotive concept

Vectron makes no compromises when it comes to a perfect fit: A large variety of scalable options enables you to handle traction tasks efficiently and cost-effectively – for any situation within your business.

European standards

Already today, the well-thought-out Vectron vehicle concept takes into account the planning status of future TSI regulations and is designed to accommodate changing norms and standards.

Article add-on: Environmental friendliness

More details on Vectron's environmental friendliness: Not only thanks to regenerative braking of the electro loco or the deployment of modern diesel motors for Vectron DE, energy consumption and CO2 emissions are systematically reduced.

Vectron DE

Proven concepts in a modern form: Vectron DE is the Vectron diesel locomotive in compliance with the latest emissions requirements.

Vectron Dual Mode

Whether your routes have overhead wires: With Vectron Dual Mode from Siemens, you’ll always keep moving.