Equipped to handle European standards

Today’s decisions will determine how competitive you are tomorrow – and it all starts with choosing the right locomotive. Conformity with European standards and certifications is also critical, especially where approval for interoperable rail operations is concerned. Vectron complies with all current relevant TSI standards and is ready to handle the changing standards in Europe.

Directives, laws, and regulations

Pollutants, noise, safety – if you want to strike out in new directions across national boundaries, you have to fight your way through a jungle of country-specific laws and regulations. Vectron will keep you on the right track. When Siemens developed Vectron, it set up comprehensive data management systems that comply with European registration requirements and optimized Vectron’s technical specifications to pave the way for pan-European registrations. This gives you a green light for interoperable operations all across Europe. 

Future harmonization

Europe is growing closer – and defining its own new regulations. Siemens is committed to ensuring that rail transport remains competitive, despite increasingly complex requirements and laws, and is working to harmonize standards. In organizations such as CEN, CENELEC, and IEC, we are advocating technical solutions that will enable economical interoperable rail traffic. At the same time, we support the activities of European rail industry associations for simplified registration processes. The application of pan-European Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSIs) and the use of existing cross-acceptance agreements are helping us progress toward harmonization. This process reduces the necessary paperwork for pan-European registration.

Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI)

Vectron already complies with current standards for pan-European interoperability for both passenger and freight rail traffic – including both conventional rail systems and trans-European high-speed rail systems. Its modular adaptability also ensures you will never hit any roadblocks complying with future standards. This applies to both the initial registration and any later add-ons or upgrades. With Vectron, you’ll be ready today for the interoperable traffic of tomorrow.