An exemplary concept for cost-effective environmental sustainability

Moving more and more people and goods without impacting the environment – this is a key goal all across Europe. It presents rail operators with both, a challenge and an opportunity: Because sustainability can go hand in hand with improved efficiency – for example, with Vectron. Our locomotive is environmentally friendly and, at the same time, efficient.

Background: Environmental protection concerns us all

With Vectron, we are achieving an even greater advance in the environmental friendliness of rail transport compared with other modes of transport. This is a goal that concerns us all, since energy consumption from transportation plays a large role in our per-capita carbon footprint.

Vectron: CO2-saving locomotives

Vectron locomotives are designed for reduced energy consumption. In the electric locomotives, this is attained by a high level of efficiency, auxiliary equipment control adapted to meet specific requirements, and by regenerative braking, or in the case of Vectron DE, by the auxiliary power unit (APU), a secondary diesel engine that supplies auxiliary equipment when the locomotive is at a standstill.

Vectron: Eco-friendly throughout

Siemens' Vectron is a standard locomotive for the European market with absolutely eco-friendly credentials. We systematically avoid using pollutants even in the production stage – a decision with lasting effects that benefits the environment throughout the entire lifecycle of the vehicle.

Green mobility

The future needs railways – for a clean environment. To make rail travel even more attractive, Siemens Mobility offers solutions that are at the same time innovative, sustainable, and economical.

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