Total modularity as a locomotive concept

Bottlenecks, tough routes, varying national requirements: Rail transport of goods and passengers demands concepts that are a perfect fit for each specific transportation task. With Vectron, you invest only in what you need and meet your traction needs efficiently and cost-effectively – and for the long term.

Universal train control

Vectron is multi-traction capable. AC, DC, MS – all locomotive variations can be used with each other and are also compatible with all locomotives from the Eurosprinter and Eurorunner families. Multiple-traction capability can also be offered with locomotives from other manufacturers.

Modular train protection concept

Vectron’s innovative smart train protection concept guarantees flexibility in European systems, both now and into the future. The modular concept enables the integration of national train protection systems used in Europe and incorporates future ETCS requirements.

Variable system configuration

Vectron is pure traction: power variations for AC only, DC only, or flexible multi-system operation allow you to operate on all four of continental Europe’s voltage systems.

Multiple coupling options

A green light for different car types: Thanks to the head end design, different combinations of spring mechanism and coupler head can be used. Now you can take full advantage of all the options for train formation – whether screw coupling, central buffer coupling solutions for heavy freight traffic, or passenger train solutions.

User-friendly driver’s desk

The driver’s desk is both standardized and modular: all control elements are always in the same position – even country-specific switches. This results in shorter training times and excellent working conditions, thanks to the ergonomic and easy-to-reach placement of all control elements.

Replaceable front end

The crash-absorbing front end is completely removable and replaceable. It can be stored as a completely pre-assembled unit. In case of an accident a fast repair gets you moving again.

Flexible drive

The bogie of the electric Vectron locomotives covers the entire range of rail transport speeds.