The Vectron bogie – flexible and future-proof

A bogie platform has been developed for use in the Vectron, which is employed in all variants of the electric locomotive. The bogie platform features a modular structure, based on a standard bogie frame. Either a partially suspended or fully suspended drive system with identical interfaces can be installed in the frame, enabling the bogie to be deployed optimally for all speeds in freight transport as well as regional and intercity services.

The advantages at a glance

 Excellent operating qualities

  • Transmission of tractive effort via low-mounted pivots for identical running qualities in both travel directions and optimum utilization of tractive effort

  • Long wheelbase for stable vehicle ride at high speed and with high equivalent conicities

  • Axle guidance with triangular rods for good running qualities through curves

  • Partially suspended drive system as standard reduces track wear

Greatest possible flexibility and maximum security of investment

  • Drives with identical interfaces: Pinion hollow shaft drive and quill drive with wheel disc brake

  • Active rotational damper (ADD) can be retrofitted easily

  • Standard 160km/h drive system allows deployment in freight and passenger traffic

  • Flexible mounting of all necessary antennae, depending on the actual requirements, for the most important corridors throughout Europe. Rapid conversion possible at any time

Optimum maintainability

  • Traction motor and wheelset with transmission can be dismantled individually

  • Hollow-bored axle shaft enables ultrasonic testing

Vectron – the bogie

With the Vectron bogie, Siemens has created a highly flexible product based on proven concepts that can be configured to meet the operator’s needs as well as the operational requirements in the deployment region.

Vectron – the drive system

A partially suspended pinion hollow shaft drive is available for the Vectron as well as a fully suspended drive system. Speeds of up to 200km/h are possible with the pinion hollow shaft drive. Thus, all application areas – ranging from freight transport to regional and intercity passenger services – can be covered cost-efficiently with a single drive system.

Active rotational damper (ADD)

The active rotational damper (ADD) from Siemens increases tractive force in tight curves and reduces wheel wear on curvaceous routes. Naturally, all Vectron locomotives can also be equipped with ADD.

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