Vectron’s active rotational damper (ADD)

To meet customer-specific requirements for locomotives that will provide high tractive effort and low wheel wear, Siemens has developed an innovative component for reducing guiding forces in curves. This component helps increase the tractive effort in tight curves and reduce wheel wear on curvaceous routes. The active rotational damper (ADD) has proven itself in actual use. Naturally, all Vectron locomotives can either be originally equipped or retrofitted with ADDs.

Benefits of ADD at a glance

  • Higher tractive effort in curves

  • Longer service life for wheel discs

  • Less wear on curved tracks

  • Lower network access costs, when applicable

  • ADD is maintenance-free

  • ADD is easy to retrofit

Technical background

The most important function of a locomotive is to transmit tractive force between the wheels and tracks so that the locomotive can haul as large a load as possible. The transmission of tractive forces is largely influenced by the vehicle’s adhesion weight, which is why operators prefer heavy locomotives with axle loads of up to 22.5 tons for freight vehicles. On the other hand, network operators want reduced wheel wear, and also demand that vehicles be as track-friendly as possible with a low axle load. In particular, heavy freight trains and route topographies with narrow curve radii and steep gradients are responsible for a high degree of wheel wear. Every wheel change is associated with high costs, logistics expenses, and downtimes for locomotives, which is why operators prefer an extended wheels operating life.

Concept and mode of operation

The active rotational damper (ADD) from Siemens provides the locomotive with high tractive effort and results in an impressively long service life for wheels. The ADD can be retrofitted, is maintenance-free, and significantly reduces operating costs.

The ADD in a practical test

The active rotational damper in action: The ADD is celebrating its premier in the Austrian company CargoServ’s locomotives, with impressive results.

The ADD in an endurance test

Critical route conditions, an extreme climate, maximum hauled load – the ADD is undergoing an endurance test in locomotives belonging to the Swedish operator Hector Rail.

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