First deployment by CargoServ

One of the services of the Austrian CargoServ railway is transporting quicklime and split lime from the Steyrling lime works to Linz. Transport began in 2003 with two ES64U2 locomotives from the Siemens Eurosprinter family. The high weight of the hauled load and the narrow curve radii quickly resulted in excessive wheel wear on the locomotives. Wheel truing intervals were less than 100,000 kilometers – a figure that needed to be improved. The newly developed ADD system was tested as a possible solution. The locomotives were retrofitted with the ADD and have been routinely and successfully used by CargoServ since September 2006. The operating performance since that time has been overwhelmingly positive.

The CargoServ experience at a glance

  • Reduction of tread wear by more than 50 percent

  • Reduction of wheel flange wear by 76 percent

The result: Wheel truing intervals were doubled.

Tread wear

The results are overwhelmingly positive: Tread wear was reduced by more than half.

Wheel flange wear

Here again, the results were extremely positive: Wheel flange wear was substantially reduced.

Effect on wheel truing intervals

As a result of using the active rotational damper (ADD), the interval between wheel truing has more than doubled.

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