Variable system configuration

With Vectron, Siemens provides powerful electric locomotives for DC, AC, or flexible multisystem operation. This means they can operate under the four basic voltages in continental Europe: 25 kV AC, 15 kV AC, 3 kV DC, and 1.5 kV DC. A rigorous, consistent structure and interface concept gives Vectron unique flexibility and modularity.

Clear product structure

Vectron is a product that is rigorously oriented toward market requirements. It is expressly preconfigured with the transportation needs of our customers in mind, and can be expanded to meet these needs. Such an approach requires a modular, variable system configuration that is reflected in the product’s strict hierarchical structure:

Vectron’s basic locomotives

Vectron’s basic locomotives form the technological basis for the product concept. They all have a common, uniform, standardized interface concept that dictates the use of identical parts on all levels of the product structure – precisely where it makes the most sense for customers from a technological and economic point of view. The four basic electric locomotives differ mainly in terms of their traction equipment and, thus, their range of use.

Output (kW)

Vectron DC


Vectron AC



Vectron MS


Simple conversion
Thanks to the rigorusly predesigned interface concept, the vehicle body that is standard for all Vectron electric locomotives comes fully pre-equipped. As a result, every component has its own defined installation location, making it extremely easy to convert the locomotive to suit the customer’s needs – even after years of operation – and thus adapt it to new market requirements. Take, for example, the machine compartment arrangement: other than the additional components necessary for DC operation such as the DC rack and braking resistor, the only differences are in the power converter and main transformer. Moreover, Siemens stocks all essential spare parts for the basic locomotives.

Vectron country packages

Vectron is configured for specific transportation requirements by means of predefined country packages that include the requisite high-voltage equipment, national train protection systems, and any other components that are necessary. If the locomotive’s area of operation changes, these packages can also be retrofitted without a great deal of effort or expense.

Predefined option packages

By means of predefined option packages, Vectron can be equipped with additional features to meet specific customer requirements – regardless of the original basic locomotive. Any equipment that is required for operation in a selected country is, of course, already automatically included. The list of options includes packages that can be partially ordered only as original equipment and can also be partially retrofitted.

Additional option packages

There are also option packages that have been predesigned or built only up to a certain point but will still require some time before they can be fully implemented. This equipment will also be usable in all the basic locomotive.

Example: living on the locomotive
Even when locomotives are heavily utilized, locomotive drivers still may experience long standing times. Although Vectron has a very roomy driver’s cab and comfortable seats, drivers can be made even more comfortable during longer break periods thanks to Vectron’s sleep and cooking module. This module uses the rear wall cabinet in the driver’s cab, allowing the driver to enjoy these comforts in the locomotive’s air-conditioned area. There is no need to remain in or enter the electrical operating room or machine compartment.