Universal train control for various environments

Vectron is an efficient and cost-effective solution for your traction needs in national or trans-European traffic. On some line sections, multiple-traction is an operational necessity. In modern passenger traffic as well, it is often desirable to be able to control the locomotive from a driving trailer. Vectron has highly compatible multi-traction capability, and therefore fits seamlessly into an existing fleet.

Flexible multiple traction

Naturally, all Vectron locomotives – whether AC, DC, multisystem, or the DE model – can be operated in multiple traction. With Vectron locomotives, it’s also possible to operate mixed multi-traction combinations consisting, for instance, of an AC and a multisystem locomotive.

Vectron makes multiple-traction possible with the ZDS and ZMS procedures with Class 152, Class 182, ES64U2 MRCE, Class 189 / ES64F4 and ER20. Optionally, it can be operated via WTB (Wired Train Bus) in multiple-traction with locomotives of the following classes: 182, ÖBB Rh 1016/1116, ES64U2, MAV 1047, GySev 1047, ÖBB Rh 1216, ES64U4, ÖBB Rh 2016, and ER20. This means that multiple-traction is possible with all modern locomotives from Siemens.

Multiple-traction with locomotives of other manufacturers is also viable, of course, provided that they have ZDS or ZMS control systems (for example, class 185 locomotives).

More flexible operation with push-pull trains

The ZWS control system is also available with Vectron. The TB0, SAT, and TAV dispatch procedures can be used. Push-pull train operation with WTB, in accordance with the Austrian remote control concept, is also possible.