Reliable, thanks to proven product expertise

Vectron is a future-oriented product that is based on a design that is fully optimized for operation. The concept incorporates the tried and tested, and combines it with groundbreaking strategies and innovations. The result? Economical and technical solutions with superior performance – unleashing possibilities in a whole new dimension of flexibility throughout your Vectron’s lifecycle.

Proven systems

When Vectron leaves us, it is ready for operation – we perform comprehensive tests and pre-checks for you. This ensures that you have optimal utilization right from the start, without any teething troubles.

Outstanding performance

With Vectron, you can move huge loads – even under the most challenging weather conditions: Excellent traction force utilization gives you the necessary competitive edge and assurance for the future.

Uniform design

Vectron maximizes the use of standard parts, wherever it makes sense. This ensures standardized operability and optimized lifecycle costs – without compromises that would burden operators.