Converter production

The Nuremberg converter and motor plant manufactures modules, control units and complete converters. It takes them through all the phases of production, from preassembly, to module and control unit production, all the way to assembly and testing. A total of around 1,100 converters leave the plant each year.

Module production

Converter modules are mounted and tested on production stations. Each year, the Nuremberg plant produces around 8,000 modules.

Control units

The familiar Sibas traction and locomotive control units, proven thousands of times over, are also produced here. Approximately 4,500 units are shipped annually – either installed in converters or as individual units.

Final assembly

For their final assembly, we insert the modules into the cabinets along with other prefabricated components such as wire harnesses and control units. Finally, the cooling circuit is filled with a mixture of water and Antifrogen.


We perform functional and load tests in order to verify compliance with specified requirements. A leak-tightness test is also performed.


Once the converter has successfully passed every test, the team boxes it up for shipment.