Nuremberg converter and motor plant: milestones in expertise

Converters, drives, and the associated control units are the core of our locomotives. For decades, Siemens has been setting milestones in traction electronics for the railway industry.

Siemens traction electronics – Milestones

Everything from a single source

In addition to components for railway applications, the Nuremberg converter and motor plant also manufactures converters and drives for industrial applications, resulting in synergies with the developers and technicians of industrial products. Thus, experiences from all fields contribute to the efficient development of new products and systems. Close, efficient cooperation occurs, especially in the areas of semiconductor qualification and the development of new control software. Winding technology is another area in which we actively exchange knowledge with industrial application specialists.

Worldwide locations

Not only do we offer converters for rail and industry from a single source, but we also have production facilities around the world. For our customers, this means that we can produce and supply traction converters and drives quickly, locally and at a reasonable cost.

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