Nuremberg transformer plant and its portfolio

Siemens produces transformers for the international market at its transformer plant in Nuremberg at the two sites on Katzwanger Strasse and Muggenhofer Strasse. The units range from vehicle transformers to large transformers for HVDCT* applications.

Transformers of every size

The maximum capacity of large transformers for HVDCT* applications is 1,250 MVA, and the maximum voltages are 1,200 kV AC and 800 kV DC. The first successfully tested and commissioned 800-kV HVDCT* transformer weighing 515 t, pictured here, shows the impressive dimensions behind the physical parameters.

* HVDCT stands for high-voltage direct-current transmission and is the low-loss transmission of energy over long distances.

Traction transformers

Compared with high-voltage transformers, traction transformers are small, but no less complex. The challenge is to implement the required transformer capacity in a rail vehicle, which generally has a tightly confined space. This is especially true for applications combining different AC and DC voltages in European countries (DC 1.5 and 3 kV, AC 15 and 25 kV).

Global production sites and experience

The transformer plant in Nuremberg is part of an international network that has now grown to 19 production sites. In addition to production in Nuremberg, vehicle transformers are also produced as local content at the locations in Jinan, China, and Kalwa, India, according to the design specified by the Center of Competence in Nuremberg. Experience and information is exchanged actively between the large transformers and vehicle transformers departments, especially via the heads of technology and R&D for the various locations and departments.

Traction transformer portfolio

The Nuremberg transformer plant produces vehicle transformers for the entire range of rail vehicles, including light-rail trains, subways, regional trains, locomotives and high-speed multiple-unit trains. Depending on the requirements, the transformers are designed and implemented for installation underfloor, in the machine room or on the roof of the vehicles.

Installation location for Vectron

Vectron uses an underfloor transformer that is arranged between the two bogies in the center of the locomotive.