High-performance test infrastructure

The Wegberg-Wildenrath Test and Validation Center offers a wide range of different test facilities. With wheel load scales, swivel-tilt table, tipping equipment and measurement track curve, for example, you have access to all the important test equipment required for verifying the running capability of rail vehicles in accordance with DIN EN 14363 (“Railway applications – Testing for the acceptance of running characteristics of railway vehicles – Testing of running behavior and stationary tests)”.

Wheel load scales

The following tests are possible with wheel load scales: Determining the wheel and wheelset vertical forces, torsion and z-dimension tests. The level, standard-gauge track is 52 m long and has eight weighing elements at variable distances apart. The load-bearing capacity per wheelset is 30 t. Measurement in a range from one to 180 kN is possible for each wheel. The measured-value resolution is 50 N.

Turn-tilt table

Traveling through curves, over hills, and across dips can be simulated at standstill. Both standard and meter gauge vehicles are tested on the turn-tilt table. The following tests can be additionally carried out: testing the freedom of movement between bogie and vehicle body, and determining the rotation torque of bogies.

Tilting device

The tilting device enables vehicle rolling characteristics to be measured. Here the effect of transverse accelerations such as centrifugal forces or side winds can be simulated on the test bed by means of tipping.

Measuring curve

A 50-m-long measuring curve with a curve radius of 150 m and two measuring fields are available for determining wheel support and guidance forces. This track was renovated in mid-2008. Since then, it has not only fulfilled standard requirements with its high measuring accuracy but allows additional measuring options. In this way, for example the curve running characteristics of the vehicles under test can be determined more accurately. The standard only stipulates three individual measuring points per measuring field for determining the wheel forces. Thanks to the arrangement of the sensors in the test equipment of the Test and Validation Center, a quasicontinuous measurement of the wheel support and guidance forces of all wheels of a train under test can be carried out in each of the two fields.

Acoustic measuring station

The Wegberg-Wildenrath Test and Validation Center is one of the few locations at which a measurement can be carried out in accordance with the TSI Noise and DIN EN ISO 3095:2005. The surface of the specially ground track section on the large test oval allows reproducible and comparable results. Noise measurements are also possible at speeds of up to 160 km/h.

High-voltage test system

Lightning and switching impulse voltages can be applied for test purposes with the IP5/200L impulse voltage test system. This system has functions for switching impulse (250/2500µs) and lightning impulse (1.2/50µs), with parameters in accordance with DIN EN 60060-1. Alternating and direct voltages can be tested on the AC/DC high-voltage test system, in accordance with DIN EN60060-2 with 10kV AC, 100kV AC and 135kV DC.