Vectron DE – flexible, future-proof, easy to service

Like the electric Vectron locomotives, the Vectron DE is also extremely flexible and modular. Because it is customizable, the Vectron DE is perfectly suited for meeting future requirements. Thanks to its sophisticated concept, which is designed to be flexible to meet future demands, Vectron locomotives can be retrofitted with optional packages or country packages.

Flexible in use – freight traffic

The Vectron DE is optimally suited for freight service. The advantages of the optional APU start-stop package are especially valuable in this type of service. Naturally, the Vectron DE is multiple-unit-capable with all other Vectron locomotives and with the other modern locomotives of Siemens, including both diesel and electric locomotives. The optionally available shunting radio remote control makes it possible to effectively optimize switching operations.

Flexible in use – passenger traffic

It is easily possible to reconfigure the locomotives from freight service to passenger service (or vice versa). With a maximum speed of 160 km/h, the Vectron DE is optimally suited for regional traffic as well. Because the container used for the train power supply is located in the engine room, equally large tank volumes can be achieved in both freight and passenger locomotives. Various options are available to assure optimal operation of many different kinds of passenger traffic, including multiple-unit and push-pull control systems (ZWS, ZMS, ZDS, WTB systems under the Austrian wireless control concept), dispatch systems (SAT, TAV, TB0), route destination display and passenger information system.

Ready for the future – car body and layout

The Vectron DE is equipped for the requirements of the future. Thanks to a car body built according to the same design principles as those applied in electric Vectron locomotives, the Vectron DE retains stability at 1,500 kN tractive force and 2,000 kN pressure force. And thanks to a crash concept compliant with the international TSI standard, including a replacable front-end, the Vectron DE is easily repaired, with quick part replacement and down times. The engine room has sufficient extra space to house, for example, additional train safety packages or equipment options.

Best running properties

The hollow cardan shaft drive system is perfectly adapted to the power output of the diesel locomotive. Coupled with the design of the drive system, this means that unsprung masses are kept to a minimum. As a result, the Vectron DE offers outstanding running characteristics, which have positive effects on the wear and tear of the vehicle and infrastructure. With a maximum speed of 160 km/h, the Vectron DE is well suited for passenger traffic.


The Vectron DE is especially easy to maintain, resulting in shorter downtimes for servicing and therefore optimized operating costs. The engine room features a proven, maintenance-friendly layout with two straight side corridors. This layout, along with the modular construction of the locomotive, allows for optimal accessibility, and when necessary components are easy to replace.


The Vectron DE is especially easy to repair. Replacable deformation elements and front-end reduce downtime after an accident. The absence of GRP parts also makes future repairs easier. The car body and front end are made of easy-to-weld standard steel materials – an advantage that pays off over the entire life of the locomotive, whenever it needs to be repaired.