Vectron at a glance – the vehicle concept

Europe is changing. The volume of traffic is growing and the flow of goods is increasing across borders. For rail traffic, this has led to high requirements in terms of technical flexibility and economic planning, in both the short and long term. As a market-oriented, adaptable locomotive, Vectron is the right solution for every operator who wants to – and must – meet current and future requirements. Come aboard and discover the locomotive that forges new paths.


Locomotives are usually built to order for a particular customer, and are later frequently further customized to integrate specific customer preferences. Additional market requirements can only be incorporated, however, with cost-intensive modifications. That is the usual case.

Vectron is different. Instead of assuming that the requirements of one project apply to all, Vectron is geared systemically and independently to the transport roles and challenges prevailing on the market. Vectron’s development is based on a large number of interviews with operators and on the experience of over 1,600 Eurosprinters and Eurorunners in service. The result combines proven strengths with future-oriented strategies and innovations.

Take advantage of current and future business opportunities with a locomotive that perfectly matches your traffic requirements. Vectron combines highly developed technology with adaptability. Modular retrofitting capability with forward-looking cross-border operability. Groundbreaking investment protection with tailored service packages. Equip yourself for the future. With Vectron you are free to take the paths you choose to ensure a successful future for your freight, regional, and passenger traffic.

Discover the technology. Experience how Vectron creates new paths – in a compact overview.