Electronic interlockings

Electronic interlockings ensure that railways operate safely. They monitor and control train movements on the lines according to the operational requirements of the railway. Completely preassembled and tested interlockings designed, as modular containers, play a key role in cutting time and costs for installation and commissioning, and so help reduce investment costs.

Trackguard WESTRACE Mk II

Trackguard WESTRACE Mk II is a highly flexible microprocessor-based interlocking system. With straightforward configuration using ladder logic to deliver almost any vital functionality, the system offers real benefits to railway authorities in terms of cost of ownership, capability and flexibility. In addition Trackguard WESTRACE Mk II offers high maintainability and availability.

Trackguard WESTRACE Mk II can be used as a standalone system or interface to a wide range of equipment – including existing interlocking systems. Typical applications include simple, medium sized and complex interlockings, radio block systems, trackside control – and provision of vital functionality in Centralized Traffic Control Systems.

Trackguard Simis D

The Trackguard Simis D fail-safe microcomputer interlocking from Siemens for German Railways is a high-availability, high-reliability and, due to its modular hardware and software, versatile electronic interlocking solution.

Both simple regional and line interlockings and complex junction interlockings can be implemented with this system.

A construction site interlocking designed for confined spaces has also already been put into operation with Trackguard Simis D in the German rail network.

Trackguard Simis D has continuously been functionally extended and improved:

  • Trackguard Simis C projects can be extended by Trackguard Simis D electronic interlockings

  • operation via open networks (communication of the electronic interlockings among each other)

  • various connection options with Trackguard Simis DTS

  • new interface for temporary locally controlled areas

  • new interface for right-away signals

  • combination with the new Clearguard AC 100 axle counting system has already been approved by the Federal German Railways Office (EBA) and German Railways and has proven itself in operation

A new, lean relay block interface for the connection of Trackguard Simis D to relay interlockings, mechanical interlockings and electromechanical interlockings has been approved by the Federal German Railways Office.

Thanks to additional functions, signals can also be connected via fiber-optic cables.

The computer architecture of Trackguard Simis D can be centralized or decentralized, depending on the customer's requirements. The distance between interlocking and field elements and the cable-laying work can thus be optimized and minimized.

The space requirement of this new interlocking system has been considerably reduced by using integrated and decentralized element operating modules. Existing systems and components of an operator can be connected.

Trackguard Simis IS

The Trackguard Simis IS electronic interlocking provides an economical solution for interlocking systems in main-line and regional traffic and for industrial railways all over the world. It is based on the well proven Simis safety principle from Siemens.

Thanks to its compact, modular design, this new interlocking generation can be adjusted quickly and easily to local conditions and the operational requirements of the particular railway company. In the design of Trackguard Simis IS, specific attention has been paid to flexible interfaces to both existing and future systems and components.

Trackguard Simis W

The Trackguard Simis W electronic interlocking is the element control computer-based fail-safe microcomputer interlocking from Siemens for the global market. It ensures maximum safety and availability as well as economical operation.

The system architecture of Trackguard Simis W enables interlocking systems to be configured from individual elements. This makes it possible to implement customized interlockings very simply, from small solutions to major installations with 1,000 controlled elements.

The computers of the Trackguard Simis W electronic interlocking, which process fail-safe signaling information, have a 2-out-of-3 configuration in accordance with the proven Simis principle.

The Trackguard Simis W electronic interlocking can also be combined with Trackguard Simis DTS and Clearguard AC 100 and installed in outdoor cabinets.

Trackguard Cargo MSR32

Efficient utilization of a marshalling yard is dependent on modern track equipment such as point machines, signaling systems, sensors, efficient retarders and propulsion systems, as well as radio-controlled humping locomotives and appropriately-adapted microcomputer systems. Trackguard Cargo MSR 32 covers this spectrum of requirements and is a safe, reliable, and cost-effective solution for automating the marshalling system.

Trackguard WESTLOCK

Trackguard WESTLOCK is a powerful computer-based interlocking solution with advanced functionality. The system not only delivers greater capacity than conventional interlockings, but also significant savings and headroom for future expansion. Trackguard WESTLOCK’s network communications ability and processor capacity also ensure fast communication with a range of control centre solutions and trackside equipment.

Trackguard WESTLOCK incorporates a triple-modular-redundant interlocking processor running SSI-compatible logic. It is best suited to applications in which the interlocking logic is centralized. Its functionality is contained within core components, with each function using dedicated hardware that allows a system to be tailored to its specific application. However, the core safety-critical systems all use identical hardware elements.

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