Level-crossing protection systems

Safety is the prime consideration for public transport systems, and that includes level crossings. Level-crossing protection systems installed by Siemens are always state-of-the-art and operate safely and reliably. They are used with great success by railway operators throughout the world, and demonstrate the expertise of Siemens in the field of level-crossing technology.

Wayguard Simis LC – level-crossing protection system

Wayguard Simis LC is a high-availability, modular level crossing protection system. It can be readily adapted to the conditions of individual level crossings and to customer-specific requirements. Wayguard Simis LC is the versatile solution designed for operators of mainline and industrial railways, regional lines, and light rail transit systems.

Wayguard SIM 6/13 – barrier drive

The Wayguard SIM 6/13 electromechanical barrier drive is of modular construction and is suitable for deployment in mass-transit and main-line operations and on rapid-transit and industrial railway lines. Its flexible structure covers all known country-specific requirements for controlling and for power supply.

The full range of functional components consists of switching circuit, drive unit, barrier arm bearing, and the barrier arm itself. It can be readily adapted to different functional requirements of level crossing systems. The drive itself is equipped with a DC motor and accommodated in an aluminum housing mounted on a hot-galvanized steel stand.

Wayguard WESTex GCP3000 – level crossing predictor

The WESTex GCP3000 level crossing predictor system provides bi-directional train detection, but at significantly reduced cost compared to conventional technology. By calculating the speed of the train, the GCP3000 is able to provide constant crossing warning times, minimizing disruption to highway users and significantly reducing the risk of crossing abuse.

Compared to traditional level crossings, WESTex GCP3000 reduces hardware costs, and also enables significant savings to be made during the design, planning and installation stages. In addition to cost savings, the WESTeX
GCP3000, as a constant warning device, provides consistent warning times irrespective of the speed of the approaching train, and this contributes to increased safety by reducing the risk of road users misusing the crossing.

Wayguard WESTex GCP4000 – level crossing controller

The WESTex GCP4000 level crossing controller provides complete crossing control for up to six lines and four barriers. Capable of managing complex layouts, such as areas containing stations or multiple lines, the system allows for advanced train detection and crossing control. It GCP4000 also provides the constant warning times as given by GCP3000.

Each WESTex GCP4000 system provides complete train detection, crossing control logic, vital indicators, communications and timers, solid state barrier/ light drives, and full event recording. Component modules within the WESTex GCP4000 housing are provided with at least two vital inputs/outputs that enable direct interfaces with signaling equipment.

Wayguard WESTex S60 – level crossing barrier machine

Driven directly from the WESTex GCP4000 or WESTTRACE without the need for interface relays, the WESTex S60 barrier machine may be used with existing crossing control equipment. Lightweight and available in a range of configurations, this machine uses less power and requires a smaller equipment housing and footprint than conventional systems. The pole on which the WESTex S60 is fixed is also designed to mount road traffic lights.

WESTex S60 barriers provide a cost-effective, reliable solution and can be configured as drive up/gravity fall, or drive up/drive down. In addition, separate options are available for entrance and exit barriers – which can be configured to remain in the raised position in the event of power failure. The UK application has the two options of „AHB“ and „MCB“ variants.