Communications and IT products

Railway operators face the challenge of guaranteeing efficient, safe, and punctual operation. Personnel and passengers need the right information at the right time and the right place. For this reason, modern, efficient communications are a central element of passenger and freight traffic. Surveillance systems such as CCTV or emergency telephones provide additional security and increase passengers’ convenience.

SCADA Railcom Manager – communications management system

Rail operators today have to provide rapid, safe and punctual transport for growing numbers of passengers, while often dealing with ageing infrastructure and tightly controlled budgets.

Siemens has responded to these challenges with RailCom Manager, an integrated suite of modules that enables operators to increase efficiency, control costs and improve passengers' rail travel experience.

RailCom Manager is a modular scalable solution which allows operators the flexibility to expand the system functionality to meet new requirements. Siemens blends advanced technology, project management and process improvement to reduce project implementation time, enabling upgrades to take place without disrupting rail traffic, and therefore reducing safety risks.

The modules which make up the RailCom Manager suite are:

  • RailSecurity Manager

  • RailControl Manager

  • RailControl Manager

  • RailAsset Manager

GSM-R Solutions – dispatcher terminals and train radio

Siemens UK-based centre of excellence is at the heart of GSM-R developments and has designed a complete portfolio of GSM-R terminals. Coupled with its global presence, Siemens is able to offer first-class support during the planning/implementation phases and maintenance during the operation. This means customers can be confident in its GSM-R solutions.

As the only supplier of end-to-end GSM-R solutions, Siemens reduces risk and simplifies project implementation while providing technically advanced products with unmatched reliability, therefore, reducing lifetime costs.