Signaling products

The active devices and systems in signaling systems and railway automation solutions, such as point operating systems and signals, are crucial for the availability of the entire railway system. Siemens offers proven quality and innovative, environmentally friendly solutions for maximum availability, efficient railway operation, and cost-effectiveness.

Frequency track circuit

Track circuits are used for the precision clear and occupied indication of track sections. The track section is remote-fed with a frequency-modulated voltage. Transmitter and receiver can even be accommodated centrally in the interlocking up to 6.5 km from the track section.


Rugged, high-availability signals play an important role in the safe and smooth running of railway operations. The equipment of signals is extremely flexible –with components that can be selected from a practical modular system.

Point machine

Point machines play an important role in safety in rail traffic. They must operate precisely and reliably and must be capable of withstanding considerable stress. Siemens has modern, proven solutions available.

Axle counter systems

Track vacancy detection systems detect and signal whether line sections are clear or occupied, thereby creating the information basis for controlled track occupancy and safe railway operation.